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20 of the world's most amazing living rooms

Oozing luxury and undeniable style we take a look at twenty of the world's most amazing living rooms. Each has its own distinctive and unique look and offers the very best that money can buy. You'll be pleased to know that they're not all dripping in gold and many of the designs can be scaled down and replicated in your own home should you want to give your living room an amazing luxury look.

Funky almost futuristic living room with blocks of white and purple used throughout


1. Fresh colours of white and an almost electric blue give this luxury home a truly contemporary look. Luxury and stylish living space with large round seats going all the way around the room and mezzanine floor accessible by stairs


2. Circles and swirls make this living room look amazing. Traditional living space with high ceilings cream walls with ornate mouldings and extravagant chandelier overhead

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3. Oozing luxury and opulence this beautiful living room is fit for royalty. Modern and fresh living space in grey, white and purple with a print on the wall of the Eiffel Tower


4. The sleek clean lines of this contemporary design, complimented by a purple, grey and white colour scheme, make this unpretentious living room look amazing. Modern and clean black and white living room, with laminate wood flooring

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5. Monochromatic colour schemes have a natural ability to make a well designed room look amazing. Small cream living room with cream sofa and patio doors opening out to a small balcony

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6. Keeping the colour scheme light and simple turns a small living room into an amazing, relaxing space. Large living space in white and grey with large white corner sofa and mezzanine floor overhead, with glass wall

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7. If you love contemporary design and a minimalistic motif you'll agree this spacious living room is simply stunning. Cream and beige living room with wall of grey shelves and cosy cuddle two seater chair

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8. This amazing contemporary design highlights the old adage 'less is more' beautifully. Cream and mauve living space with ceramic tiled floor and cream wall panels with ornate mouldings

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9. Beautiful décor enhanced by an enormous wall of glass gives this living room an amazing style that screams luxury and indulgence. Luxury living room with dark wooden flooring, with extravagant glass sliding doors opening to an outdoor pool


10. This stunning living room has Oriental influences that make it stand out from the crowd. Cream and beige living room with cream sofa, brown coffee table and TV media unit

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11. A suave and sophisticated style this living room has a touch of homeliness due to the clever use of zoning. Funky living space with curved walls and a round sofa going around the room in cream and black

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12. Large and bold, this circular living room is amazing – it wouldn't suit many homes though. White living room with natural wood floors, white sofa and wall mounted TV above the fire place


13. The strict design theme makes this living room beautiful. The style could be adapted to fit an average size living room too. Cream and beige living room with beige sofa and round coffee table

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14. Luxury typically means large and spacious and this gorgeous living smacks of both. It's an amazingly simple design style that would suit a variety of different sizes of living room. Stylish living room in black, gold, silver and grey with gold ceiling light fixture

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15. This penthouse living room looks amazing in smoky grey and silvers. High ceiling penthouse style living room in black, cream, silver and gold

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16. Luxury living rooms ooze with confident styling and gorgeous colour schemes. Floor to ceiling windows surround this living space with cream sofas with a black trim facing each other and a coffee table in the middle of the room

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17. This amazing living room is in a luxury home that sold for 237 million (USD). Cream and grey living room with wide fire place, wall mounted TV and purple ambient mood lighting


18. The elongated rectangular fire makes a real focal point in this amazing living room. Large living room with dark walls and white ceiling, and grey plush sofas

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19. Plush fabrics and beautifully co-ordinated colours make this room simply amazing. A great room style to replicate in your home. A high ceiling living room with four glass chandeliers suspended from the ceiling and a very large cream corner sofa

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20. Old meets new head-on in this amazing living room. I'm loving the chandeliers.

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