There's nothing better than a long hot soak in a bath – it's even better if you're surrounded by luxury! Many of us don't have an enormous bathroom let alone the luxury trappings, however, spend a night in a luxury hotel and indulge yourself and be reminded how the other half live! i.e. those who do have luxurious bathrooms in their homes.  


If you have the money and the know-how you could take inspiration from this fabulous bathroom renovation idea.  


The Grand Imperial Suite bathroom in a Dubai hotel will let you experience just how the other half live!  


In regal colours of purple and gold this stunning luxury bathroom is also in one of the world's most luxurious hotels.  

 Passion4luxury Blog

This is the luxury spa bathroom that awaits guests at a Maldives hideaway hotel.    


No expense has been spared in this luxury bathroom – shame about the coloured tiles.    


This is one awesome luxury home bathroom.  


With everything you need to give yourself a little pampering this luxury bathroom has a modern feel without being too high-tech.    

Best9 Blog

Okay, it may not be an actual bathroom but on warm balmy nights soaking in this tub would be pure luxury.  


For those who prefer a more nostalgic look that steps back in time this luxury bathroom oozes style and sophistication.  


This has to be one of the most luxurious shower cubicles (if you can call it that!). Do you shower with the flowers or without?

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