What if you let a cat design your home

Here at Terrys we specialise in making your home a beautiful and comfortable place to be, but sometimes our beloved pets don't always agree with our style choices. Anyone who has cats will have their own stories involving a mischievous kitty and a torn up couch, and sometimes you wonder what they were thinking when they decided to push your favourite vase off the mantlepiece.

We decided to take a lighthearted look at how it would be if the tables were turned. They have always had to live around our human tastes and needs, but what if our furry friends had their say in your home decor?

From scratching and smashing rooms, to a cat nip garden and fish bowls galore, we list a few of the things that would make up a feline dream interior; your kitty would be truly at home in this mad house!

What If You Let A Cat Design Your Home Infographic