Keeping your cat happy indoors

Many cats love to stay indoors and are never happier than when padding around the house. Yet sometimes your cat may become less content, which can be distressing both for you and your pet.

When a cat isn't 100% happy they can show it in a number of ways. For example, your cat may become ill or simply more lethargic than usual.

It perhaps doesn't surprise many of you that your cat likes to be in control! And when they don't feel in control in their environment this can lead to unhappiness. One simple way you can keep your cat comfortable in its environment is by keeping to a routine in your interactions with them. This can be by feeding them at the same time each day and even by trying to play with them at the same time. I imagine for many of us that's as soon as we come home from work! Cats also need to be their senses stimulated to keep them happy. While I'm sure many of you will already use catnip, there are also a number of other herbs that could provide a little interest and variation for your cat. For those of you whose cat isn't partial to catnip, cat thyme may prove a useful substitute.

Enriching your cats life with toys is also a fun way to keep them happy. Unfortunately this can get expensive as cats tend to grow bored of toys pretty quickly, so why not try an enrich their lives by making some easy to make toys and puzzles? This is a great, cheap, way of adding variation to your cats day to day life.

Cats like to be comfortable too, sofa throws are a great way to enjoy comfy, cuddle time with your cat without worrying about them ruining the furniture.

Hopefully this quick guide will give you some ideas to enrich your cat's lives. It's also worth remembering that the happier your cat is, the less likely it is to destroy your furniture like the pets who've been entered into our Naughty pets win prizes competition!

Keeping Your Cat Happy Indoors Infographic