History of the sewing machine

Hands up if you happened to one of many homes out there without a sewing machine? Believe it or not the everyday sewing machine has to be one of the most useful inventions ever and you might laugh now but when it comes down to ripping your favourite trousers, the hamster chewing your brand new cotton curtains or just any fabric related to do no doubt you'll be rushing out to buy one for yourself.

The good old trusty sewing machine has allowed many talented seamstresses, crafters and the like to create many wonderful handmade fabric pieces over the years from curtains to bedding, clothing, accessories and more so the possibilities you have with a sewing machine at hand are endless. However have you ever happened to ponder on where they came from and who in fact invented the singer machine for example?

Well here in our latest infographic we've put together a historical timeline of inventors and creative makers for you to take a look at behind the old fashioned sewing machine, sharing with you a little knowledge on the geniuses who invented it and how the sewing machine came to be.

History Of The Sewing Machine