Designer insights with Sherry Fahrenwald

Sherry Fahrenwald is a freelance writer and events planner, blogging at The Life of the Party from the beautiful aloha state of Hawaii. Sherry started her blog as a way to document her events, as well as her fashion and interior design advice. She is extremely passionate about design and is constantly developing new ideas and colour combinations. She is also a contributor at Popsugar Select Moms, Savvy Sassy Moms and Everyday Family. So we are proud to bring you the Designer Insights of Sherry Fahrenwald.

Designer Insights - Sherry Fahrenwald

 - Transcript -

1) In your own words describe your unique style and creative aesthetic?

I tend to gravitate towards transitional style. I love the comfort and classic feel of traditional decor but I also love the elegance and clean lines that modern design brings to a room.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process?

This depends on the project but usually, I'll start with an element that can be as small as a vase, lamp or wall art. Then I begin to build the room in a mood board so that I have a better idea of how it is coming together visually.

3) Out of the creative people you have worked with, who is it that you respect and admire the most?

One of my best friends who is an interior designer. She has an incredible eye for design and can turn any room into something truly fabulous at any price point. What I admire and respect most about her is her honestly, quick thinking and incredible problem solving skills.

4) When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

I'm constantly inspired by everything that surrounds me, from a trendy new restaurant to an idyllic neighborhood. It can also be as simple as an interesting color combination that will catch my eye which will inspire an entire room.

5) What has brought you to this point in your career? And what is your advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps?

I started The Life of the Party as a place to document past events that I've put together. It quickly morphed into fashion and interior decor as well which has always been my true passion. I couldn't be happier doing what I'm doing at this very moment. My advice for anyone looking into this career path first and foremost, look for mentors or like minded creative people who share your passion and build those relationships. Community support is everything!