Designer insights with Adrienne Boswell

Adrienne Boswell is a chic DIY and home furniture blogger, sharing her latest projects and design ideas on her blog, Chic California from California. Adrienne is passionate about vintage interior design, collecting vintage home furniture and accessories, as well as restoring old furniture to its former glory. She regularly blogs about her latest craft ideas, journalling everything from design inspirations and restoration projects, to vintage sign writing advice and the joys of milk paint. So we are proud to bring you the Designer Insights of Adrienne Boswell.

Designer Insights - Adrienne Boswell

- Transcript -

1) In your own words describe your unique style and creative aesthetic?

I love and appreciate vintage style. I like to incorporate anything from farmhouse chippy to Mid Century Modern into a design. My style is Shabby Chic and California Cool all mixed into one.

2) When starting a new project, what is your creative process? 

I like to look at a space and first see what can be reused or repurposed. It’s amazing how just painting a piece of furniture can change the look of a room.

3) Out of the creative people you have worked with, who is it that you respect and admire the most?

I’m constantly inspired by my fellow blogging community. I love watching these women entrepreneurs develop successful creative businesses. All while staying true to themselves and their family life. It’s living proof that anyone can do it.

4) When looking for inspiration is there a particular thing you do to get inspired?

I find a lot of inspiration in magazines and product catalogs. I find things I love, see the price and then figure out how to DIY it on a budget. And if I can’t DIY something, I’m willing to DIY other elements to be able to splurge on just the right piece.

5) What has brought you to this point in your career? And what is your advice for people looking to follow in your footsteps? 

I feel like I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up for a long time. I’ve been in the beauty industry and fashion sales in the past and interior design just became a natural evolution of all the things I love. I am finding truth to the adage that if you do what you love the money will follow. I’m also very lucky to have a husband who has supported this career evolution over the years.