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How often should I rearrange my cushions?

How often you should rearrange your cushions depends on many things. Factors like where your cushions are what they are made of and how energetic you feel. Cushions are designed to be used to bring comfort to a seating or lying area, like a sofa or bed.

They are one of the oldest known items of furniture and originally were made from durable leather and very large, designed to be used in seating areas. Palaces in the Middle ages were often decorated with cushions to give comfort and decoration. Over time the cushion has become smaller, softer and more decorative and is now classed as an upholstery item. Cushions are found now in almost every home and in almost every room.

Multiple Different Cushions On A Grey Sofa

Usage and arrangement

This said the normal usage of cushions these days would be indoors on a sofa or bed and this would dictate that they be moved at least once a day when the bed or sofa is made or dusted. The arrangement of your cushions is obviously something that you have planned and your cushions will have been purchased accordingly. The arrangement will usually be with larger cushions to the rear and smaller perhaps more decorative, to the front. Your cushions should be shaken and cleaned every day if possible and this might be a good time to rearrange them.

Pink And White Cushions Neatly Stacked On A Made Bed

Mixing cushions and their position

Try mixing cushions from different parts of the house so that you get a fresh look regularly. The cushions you have on your bed for example may well look great mixed with the ones you have in your lounge and vice versa. Sometimes it is a good idea to move cushions from one seating area to another as a person usually sits in the same sort of position and the cushions can become worn or misshapen from being in the same place for too long. If you have animals they will enjoy the comfort of your cushions as much as you do and this also could cause possible damage and wear. Try rearranging cushions on a daily basis to avoid animal hairs becoming attached and give your cushions a good airing regularly by putting them outside in the sun and fresh air.

Geometric Cushions In Grey, Yellow, Teal And Black On A Grey Sofa

Re-purposing cushions

Remember that although you bought your cushions for a specific purpose i.e. brightening your lounge or bedroom that they do not have to stay in one place. A cushion originally bought to decorate your bedroom furniture could also bring a splash of colour to another room. Lastly your cushions are a part of your home and it is your choice where they are arranged and how, don’t be afraid to take a step back and take time out to have a good look at your décor with your cushions in mind. Try looking at your bed or sofa without cushions for a while and then add them back one at a time, this will give you a fresh look at both your colour scheme and cushion arrangement.

Live And Laugh Cushion On a Stylish Window Bench

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