Are cushion designs timeless or do they follow certain trends?

It goes without saying that certain cushion designs are timeless and these classics like tartan or chenille will enhance your home’s décor for many years without looking old or out-dated. The ever popular animal print or statement colour will also generally stand the test of time.

Cushion styles

That said there is definitely a style to cushions just as there is to any article of clothing that you might buy. The interior design business has been thriving for many years and the cushion industry even more so in recent years. A very good reason for this is that a change of cushions can update your home décor for a fraction of the cost of a whole room makeover.

Grey, Blue And Checked Cushions On A White Sofa

History of cushions

Cushions have been around since the middle ages when they were used to add a little touch of luxury to the castles and manor houses of the era. These cushions were generally very large and made of leather which was hard wearing, and if not comfortable then at least an improvement to sitting on a cold stone or wooden bench. Cushions evolved over time to become a statement item in your room, giving a personal edge to your chosen décor.

Traditional Teddy Bear, Next To Festive Grey Cushions On Beige Sofa

They became softer, more comfortable and now you can buy a cushion in virtually any size, colour or shape that you want for use in any room that you choose. In the sixties cushion designs were bright colours and statement patterns and this style of cushion has seen a comeback lately and has become very on-trend.

By the eighties cushion designs had changed and animal prints and the very popular black and white trend came to the fore. There was a resurgence of leather and leather-look cushion designs at this time.

Cushions today

In today’s market almost anything goes and you can mix and match all styles and shapes of cushion to create your own special look. Cushions come in squares, oblongs, rounds and bolster in every colour of the rainbow, plain, patterned and embellished so that you can create just the look that you want where you want it. That said most people have walked into a home at some point and had the feeling that they had stepped back in time.

Pile Of Different Cushions On A Grey Sofa

The strange feeling that a room has been standing still can be brought about because of its dated furnishings and décor. Although a great cushion design will never become obsolete just as in all fashion little design changes mean that an old cushion can look dated even though some very similar designs might be in the shops.

In today’s market where online shopping has become the order of the day it is possible to browse through our enormous range of cushion styles and designs in the comfort of your own home. There are cushion designs, as mentioned above, that have stood the test of time and a classic cushion will never become dated, so the answer to the question Are Cushion Designs Timeless or Do They Follow Certain Trends? is 'yes' some cushions are timeless, but also 'yes' different looks will be on-trend at certain times. This includes seasonal cushions, for example special Christmas themed styles and different cushions for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

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