How to choose cushions that will compliment your bed and bedding

Cushions have become the 'must have' addition to pretty much every room in the house these days. Gone are the days when a cushion was only for the best arm chair and exclusively for use by granny to prop her up while she watched television. Today a cushion is as much a fashion statement as the dress you wear or the shoes you buy. It is important to think about how much you want to spend at this point and also what your cushions will be used for.

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Cushion filling options

There is a huge variety of fillings to choose from and that choice should be influenced by the sort of cushion you want. For example, if your bedroom cushions are to be used for support when you sit in bed then opt for a fairly firm filling, but if your cushion is purely for decorative purposes then the filling can be almost anything you want.

Okay, so you have had cushions on your sofa for what seems an eternity and that little chair in the hall that has that delightful cushion that you just couldn’t resist, but when you look at your bedroom it seems a bit sparse and lacking in that certain something that only a cushion can bring to a room.

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Bedroom cushion considerations

Perhaps you are on the brink of adding cushions to your bedroom but are a little unsure of what sort or how many, don’t despair you are not alone. The bedroom cushion is something that is very much a personal thing, some people like overkill with lots of cushions piled up all over the bed and others just want a chic focal cushion or two that can be used at weekends for a little back support when you have your lie in with breakfast in bed!

The size of your cushions is something to be considered too. Too large they will overpower the room, and the bed, however, if they are too small the effect will be lost. Think of arranging your cushions as you probably do on your sofa, with larger ones at the back and smaller perhaps more ornate or patterned ones at the front.

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Something else to think about is the material your cushion cover is made of. If you have children or pets on your bed or if you like to eat or drink in bed then you will need to be sure that your cushion cover is washable and durable. A cover that is made from an expensive fabric like silk or lace might not be the best choice. Polyester cotton blends and faux silk are inexpensive choices that will give you a stylish look, along with the practicality of being easy to launder.

Arranging your cushions

When adding cushions to your bedroom remember that although they might look lovely in the daytime beautifully arranged you will have to move them every night to go to bed and re-arrange them every morning when you make your bed. If that seems a lot of time and effort then go for less, but if you think the extra work is worth it for the visual impact your extra cushions will add to the room then go as wild as you want.

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Another idea is the bolster cushion, a long shaped cushion that can be placed across the bottom of the bed, giving a different sort of look and style. Once you’ve decided what sort of filling you need, what type of cushion cover material and what sort of sizes you need now it’s time to put all these choices to the test and select your cushions.

Colour schemes and style choices

Before you start take a look at your room as a whole, look at your colour scheme, your curtains or blinds and whether you have an upholstered bedroom chair that might give inspiration for your bedroom cushions. It is always a pleasant effect to tie the style, colour or shade of your cushions with a throw draped across the bottom of the bed or over a chair or window seat.

The type of cover you already have on your bed might be something that you want to match your cushions to. A plain quilt can be given a new lease of life with the addition of a patterned or embellished cushion or two.

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