How to dress a window with voile & sheer curtains

For many rooms, especially in the downstairs of our properties, complete privacy or coverage from the sun is not required. Instead, curtains and window dressings are there as an aesthetic addition to soften the window and add some texture and form.

When looking to dress these areas, a much cheaper and often more effective option to a classic curtain is to use a voile fabric, which will allow the light to flow through and also offer a beautiful bellow as it flows in the breeze; ideal for conservatories, patio doors or long Georgian style windows.

Voiles within colourful rooms

Their soft and every changing colour also means that voiles can work well in otherwise very colourful rooms as a less heavy and solid addition to the design. Although the classic and simple swag and pooling curtain looks beautiful, clean and elegant in every style property, this article takes you through some more unique ideas and styles to use when working with voiles.

As you will begin to notice, there is an increasing range of voiles and sheers to choose from. Not only is there a large number of colours to coordinate with your existing colour scheme and break away from the traditional whites and creams, but there is also a variety of embroidered versions and those with a two-tone sateen finish. These more intricate designs can help bring the curtain more intrinsically into your design scheme by echoing shapes and patterns already used within the room.

Voiles in front of cotton curtains

Furthermore, they look hugely effective when hung in front of or behind a more traditional cotton or linen based curtain to help soften the look and improve privacy if required. To help tie the fabric into your design, why not use your off cuts to layer on to scatter cushions or stretch over a coordinating coloured canvas for a novel piece of art work?

Alongside the classic swag and draped curtain, voiles can also be used in a more a traditional and consequently more practical way. For example, because of its fine and delicate properties, voiles work really well when sewn into a slot top curtain as they maintain their non-fussy and classic finish while being able to be drawn and opened easily. For a more feminine and softer finish ideal for a bathroom or bedroom, why not add a skirt to the top of the curtain in the same fabric for that extra sumptuous look?

Popularity of panel curtains

Finally, we have recently seen the increasing popularity of panel curtaining especially in more contemporary homes. These mechanisms enable you to suspend flat panels of fabric on to tracks which can be spread out to cover your window or pushed back to allow the light in.

Voile, especially when embroidered or as lined voile curtains, works really well as panel curtaining and this style really accentuates its soft transparent qualities in a less floaty and feminine way. Furthermore, as these mechanisms attach to your ceiling, they can make fantastic room divides as they are slim-line, moveable and yet will still allow light to flow through the room.

Whatever your choice, before purchasing your voile fabric, shop around and discover the huge variety of styles available to you as your subtle statement may be able to make more of an impact than you think.

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