How to clean net curtains

Cleaning net curtains is generally pretty simple. There are two ways you can wash your net curtains; some people choose to hand wash whereas others may machine wash. Machine washing is perfectly safe as long as you use the right setting.

Over time net curtains can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt and they tend to hold on to it. Net curtains tend to accumulate dirt and dust in two ways; from dirt which comes from the window or outside and from our hands when we touch them or open them. For this reason, it is essential you keep up to regular cleaning to keep them looking fresh and new.

Regular cleaning is the best way to keep them fresh and clean; if you leave them dirty, they may become stained and less likely to clean easily. As net curtains can be rather delicate, many people often wonder how to clean net curtains safely and effectively. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand how to clean net curtains without compromising their quality.

Machine Washing

Dial being set on an electric washing machine

1. Remove the Curtains from The Window

First you need to remove the curtains from the curtain rod, gently. If you can, do this when you have someone to assist you as using a step ladder alone can be difficult.

2. Pre-Treat Stains

Before you wash your net curtains, it is advisable to pre-treat any stains as they may not come out in a regular wash. When using a pre-treatment always make sure you follow the instructions provided. Make sure you treat the stain and the reverse of the stain to be sure it is completed saturated. Don’t rub the net curtains together as this could damage them and spread the stain.

3. Wash on a Delicate Setting

Make sure to use a detergent which is suitable for delicate fabrics and wash on a delicate cycle, with a cool temperature. Using a higher quality detergent will help to remove stains at a lower temperature.

4. Leave to Dry Naturally

You shouldn’t tumble dry your net curtains as it can damage them; instead you should hang them back up and leave them to dry naturally. Luckily, due to the material they will dry pretty quickly.

Hand Washing

Net curtains being washed by hand in a bowl

1. Fill A Bowl with Hot Soapy Water

Make sure not to use water that exceeds around 30 degrees as this could damage the material.

2. Soak the Curtains

Soak the curtains in the water for around 10 – 15 minutes before gently massaging any dirt away; be careful not to scrub as this could cause damage. After this, make sure to rinse the curtains thoroughly until the water runs clear. Be sure not to leave any dirty water on the curtains as this will stain.

3. Remove Excess Water

Gently roll the curtains in a soft towel to remove any excess water, do not wring them out.

4. Hang the Curtains to Dry

Make sure to never tumble dry net curtains, instead hang them back up to dry naturally; make sure you have cleaned your windows before hanging back up to avoid them getting dirty straight away.

Make sure to keep up to regular cleaning of your net curtains to avoid them becoming stained and dirt becoming ingrained in them.

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