What is corduroy? How to use it in your home

Back again with our sixth instalment for the beginner's fabric guide - today we present you with corduroy. We pass along some of our knowledge on a textile that is once again on the rise in home decorating. Corduroy is made up of twisted, woven fibres that lay parallel to one another giving that distinctive cord pattern. We are going to be revealing some of the history from this fabric and how it has been used in interiors.

Finally, we will be taking you through a key look to try out at home with a whole room design!

History of Corduroy

Corduroy was once a textile for the royalty and wealthy in European countries such as France amongst others. Broken down, the word corduroy means 'body of the king' or you could also look at is as 'cloth of the king'. It was desirable for the warmth it gave and durability. Overtime it was produced from cotton to be worn by the working classes when they had to face cold weathers and heavy work. This was until denim came along and took over.

Corduroy for designers

What was once seen as a fabric fit for the royals and the royals only, corduroy made from cotton fibers was known as the 'poor man's velvet'. Don't be put off though - its status has changed again since those days, along with its production. The corduroys we are in favour of today exist because of an extra component giving it a softer and more flexible form. Top designers use this modern corduroy for dressing up interiors.

Corduroy in the home provides warmth and texture - perfect for colder months such as right now! Try it with suede for a contemporary look. This textile is ideal for adding comfort and style to all kinds of upholstery - but especially cosy chairs and sofas. There are some beautiful bedding sets too that have shown the versatility of corduroy by using it to border duvet covers.

Key looks with corduroy

Try our key look with corduroy for a touch of country charm in the bedroom. The absolute best location for this look would be a log cabin with roaring fire - see if you can squeeze 'log cabin' onto your letters to Santa this year! A mixture of fabrics is used to dress the room - added texture, warmth and indulgence. Buy corduroy at a fabric warehouse UK and use it to create items such as cheap cushions and bed runners, chair or footstool upholstery. Together with suede, chenille and hand-woven fabrics - there will be no more chilly nights. Rustic accessories and natural woods suit the theme, as do nubby knits for throws and floor rugs.

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