Making the best use of your voiles

Voile curtains have a number of benefits – adding privacy to your home when needed, while at other times, letting in valuable sunshine. Aside from this, they are low-cost, low-maintenance and also add a dash of style to any home.

Voiles also go by the name of ‘sheers’ because of the sheer quality of the materials they come in. The beauty of these popular drapes is their versatility – they hang beautifully from metal curtain poles, gracefully adorn your bay window curtain poles or offer a classy and low-cost alternative to standard blinds.

Many purposes of voiles

Voiles are light and airy and this hugely popular material can be used for anything from blinds to dresses to bed canopies. They come in a wide range of colours, textures and blends made from lightweight woven fabric, usually 100% cotton or cotton blends including linen and polyester. And you can choose to buy them ready-made or as lined voile curtains – whatever suits your purposes.

Voiles are ideal for conservatories as well as lounges - anywhere where you may want to make the best use of the natural daylight but at the same time protect the interior of your home from direct sunlight.

There are many ways to use your voiles - a variety of looks can be achieved, and after you’ve picked the perfect material, there are different ways to hang them for the maximum effect.

Hanging voiles

Firstly, take a look at the overall colour scheme of your room and choose materials that will enhance the theme.

With a large range of colours and patterns to choose from, picking the colours for your voiles can be a daunting task, but a general rule of thumb is that white voile goes well with white window frames while dark woods are best complemented by cream colours. Or simply choose colours that create a certain mood and suit the room and furnishings - from traditional, embroidered patterns to contemporary designs. Alternatively, be adventurous and choose bright colours and patterns to add a little drama!

Next, decide how you are going to use your voiles. They work well on their own but they can also be used as an accompaniment to traditional blinds or to add layers to existing curtains.

A small window, for example, could benefit from voiles where curtains would be too heavy. Or let the voiles hang majestically and create a feature piece for your favourite room.

Another option is to use tie-backs, which give a dramatic sweep effect, or drape the voiles over the curtain pole for an artistic effect – a simple but effect way to add a touch of glamour. Crushing the material before hanging also creates a unique, striking look for your home.


The way you hang voiles will change their appearance – they can be hung from poles and tracks and a wire or net rod. Measure the inside of the window where the voile is to hang but the choice is entirely yours as to whether you use a sash, let them caress the floor to make a bold style statement or buy them made to measure.

You can choose to have them weighted at the hem or free-flowing and light. With voiles, it is easy to create a unique look that suits your individual tastes.

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