How to use fabric to update your home accessories

There are many things you can do with some fabric and a good imagination! Sometimes it is just as rewarding to update home accessories as it is to take on a larger project such as upholstering a sofa or headboard. We have rounded up some quick, cheap and easy fabric face-lifts for you - all of them to refresh various home accessories around the house.

Sometimes a refresher is needed to hide wear and tear or fading, but other times it could just be that you fancy introducing a new colour to a room or a touch of pattern for added interest. Here is a lovely little craft project that can be used to decorate the centre of a table or even a window sill. Some decorative balls are very simple to make and yet they can bring in so much colour and life to a room.

Step one

Buy a selection of three of four co-coordinating fabrics that compliment your existing colour palette - we think they look so much better with a little pattern whether zebra stripes, floral fabric or polka-dots; a mixture of pattern is also good.

Step two

Strip them into roughly ½ an inch wide - it doesn't have to be perfect though. Take some plastic-foam balls of differing sizes and use a little glue along the strips before wrapping them around the balls - finish off by placing them in a bowel, basket or vase.

Step three

Dress up an existing lamp with a new and trendy fabric. Measure both the base of the lamp and the shade, adding one inch to the width and two to the length. Press a one inch hem to both lengths and to one side of the width. Use a little adhesive spray on the lamp and the base before wrapping the fabric around, ensuring there are no wrinkles.

Step four

Pillows are yet another great home accessory that you can make and/or customise. For a pillow measuring 30x30 inches, a yard of your chosen fabric is enough to accomplish this project. Once you have decided what size you wish your pillow to be, cut out fabric adding an extra inch to all sides to make a seam. Right sides together, place the fabrics on top of each other and use pins to secure in place - just make sure to leave a small gap where you can later fill the pillow.

Step five

Now sew around where you placed the pins, making sure to leave that gap. On completion, turn the pillow inside out and press. Now you can put your pillow or stuffing in before closing the gap with a quick hand stitch. That was just a handful of projects and interior design ideas to show you the possibilities! There are so many more projects that you could take on - dressing up curtains, rugs, blinds, table runners, cushions and throws and so on and so on! It is so exciting to be able to pick up a fabric you truly love and apply it to your favourite pieces for something completely unique.

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