How and when to use wool within your home

Wool makes the colder months all the more bearable and there is nothing to compare with wrapping up and snuggling down with some wool! We want to take a look at some really easy projects that you can do at home, using this toasty textile to its full potential.

Woolen textiles

You are going to love shopping for woolen textiles and dressing up your home for this winter - don't waste any time and let us see what we can make out of it! * Just as you would change your wardrobe to include warmer clothes in the winter - you should make some changes around the home too, incorporating some cosy fabrics. Wool doesn't have to be dull and colourless either - why not look for those with a brighter hue to really dress up homes with.

If you have recently had a makeover for the new season, there is probably a few out there who chose a palette of rich browns, warm creams and generally a lot of neutrals. This isn't at all bad when you think of all the splashes of colour you can add with rich-coloured wools.

Updating your furniture

Little updates such as adding a deep red throw to a beige sofa or a rich chocolate pillow given a wrap of wool in a complimenting hue - it is so easy to hand stitch some pressed wool fabric around an existing pillow or cushion! * Why not add some warmth to existing ready made curtains with a beautiful wool trim? Get your hands on some pre-made wool fabric and cut a length the same size of your curtains, around four inches in width.

Make it more interesting by fraying a little at the edges and then using some colour-coordinated ribbon to glue where the fraying ends. Simply hand stitch down the length of your curtain on one side. * Winter is a time for adding layers, something I look forward to doing every year!

Cushions and soft furnishings

Take one boring sofa and dress her up with a medley of customised cushions and throws. Take bands of pre-made wool fabric and wrap it around a center portion of a cushion - bringing in unique patterns and colours; you can even make it more textured by using some silk on cushions or even velvet alongside those jazzed up with wool. This is a really great way to bring in some accent hues that give off warmth such as reds, golds or deep browns.

If you have a cabinet with open shelving, you might like this idea of attaching wool yardage to the back section of your cabinet. Do you have a collection on display or a particular colour palette - make sure the fabric you choose doesn't steal the limelight from your display, but rather enhances and compliments it with a subtle, classic pattern - we love plaid for this season! * If all this talk of wool, silk and velvet has had your pockets feeling uneasy - look for your materials at a fabric wholesalers UK, where prices are unbeatable and choice is unbeatable too!

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