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Eco-awareness – use of natural fabrics

One of the hottest interior design trends for this year is the use of natural fabrics throughout people's homes wherever possible. This does not only apply to furniture but also soft furnishings and window dressings.

Another of this years trends is to use a variety of different textures along with find detailing such as embroidery and embellishments, just as long as they also made from natural fabrics. Hessian and linen are set to be amongst the most favoured of natural fabrics. 100% silk and taffetas are also being used to bring different perceptions and textures into people's homes.


Making your own soft furnishings


As the trend continues for people to either revisit their sewing skills or embark on new ventures and skills, hand and machine embroidery will be seen on luxury bedding as well as browsing through curtain fabric online. Those who do not have the skills or indeed the time to learn new skills will be pleased to know that there are plenty of curtain material online which will help to save time and effort even for those making their own soft furnishings and curtains.


Cotton sheets


In the bedroom using 100% Egyptian cotton is ideal, despite many people's argument that they make laundry difficult, having crisp, clean bedding is most people's dream which goes hand in hand with their desire to use the best!


You could always compromise and use cotton sheets to lay on and opt for luxury Julian Charles bedding to have the best of both worlds without having to spend a fortune! The great advantage of buying ready made is the ease and speed at which you can completely change the look of your bedroom.


Roman blind materials and kits


Combine this with Roman blinds which you have made yourself, albeit with the aid of a Roman blinds kit, and choosing 100% silk embroidered fabric and you will be part way, at least, in using natural materials within your home.


Alternatively opt for wooden blinds which are made from sustainable sources to bring a touch of nature into your home and combine these with silk, taffeta or voile curtains to add a touch of chic refinement to your windows.


You should also be considering your flooring and although the trend for natural stripped floorboards remains in-vogue unless you have a home which has these already in place it may be more cost effective to use laminate flooring, you just need to check the source and manufacturing details to be sure that you are being eco-friendly.


Natural materials within your home


There are many different ways that you can use natural materials within your home it is just a matter of getting used to identifying their sources before making an informed decision as to what you buy. You should also remember that the all-important finishing touches and decorative objects can also be sourced using natural materials. This can be achieved by simply making the most of what nature has to offer in the countryside, such as gnarled wood, driftwood, pebbles and seashells, to name but a few.


Don't forget the many manufacturers are cashing in on the eco-friendly trend and whilst things may look natural they might not be quite all they seem when you look closely!

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