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Victoriana – The Style of the Victorian Era

This year brought about the 125th year since Queen Victoria’s coronation way back when. It truly is intriguing to look back on the past and envisage a very elegant and refined era; many of us are wanting to rediscover what once was old and bring it into the new.  It’s this curiosity of times passed that surprisingly today is becoming much more of a key source of inspiration for many new contemporary interiors and modern Victorian design ideas that even you yourself can easily bring into your own home.


The living room being the main location for entertaining family, guest or spending the evening relaxing, you really want to immerse it with Victorian class and refined taste bringing elements and features from the past era into your home.  This can easily be done by incorporating Victorian shaped furnishings into your living space; a fireplace and mantel piece characterised with filigree detail, vintage shelf ornaments and lastly spread a large patterned rug around the floor to really add interesting areas of details that draw the eye throughout your entire living room.

Desire to Inspire

In the bedroom as seen here it can be really interesting to add defining, bold and colourful elements into your room setting as the Victorian’s did, making it a very personal and visual space with plenty to adore. Try introducing some long length heavy fabric pattern curtains with draped tassel tie backs, lamps and glass shade lighting to illuminate each corner of the room and as a finishing touch a crisp white vintage detailed bed frame . With the tint of gold, royal blue and off white filling this room in particular each colour really contrasts immensely and truly takes you back to the Victorian times.

Looks Like White

Looks Like White

Dining areas can reflect your passion for Victorian décor but also your own personality to, you can experiment with a range of different colour palette’s or patterns for each individual aspect of your room but where you wine and dine try sourcing some classic and formal table and woven chair’s.

Becoming You

Finally in the bathroom don’t be afraid to work the metallic gold look whether in specialist cut glass lighting arrangements, mirrors or other bathroom accessories. Combining very prim and luxurious items such as these with a very neutral cream matte palette covering all four walls is sure to compliment these new additions to your overall room design.  The miniature lights again bring a much brighter light to each corner of the room, highlighting its key features but certainly not to forget the focal point of the room it might be an idea’s to finish it off with a roll top bath.

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