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Wooden blinds- the natural choice

Creating a sumptuous expensive and look for your home can more often than not prove to be, well, expensive. The key to achieving this kind of feel without falling out with your bank manager is through accentuating the ordinary with well chosen details and accessories.

Available in a variety of shades and grains, wooden blinds are an affordable way to add an element of luxury to your home. With wood being a timeless symbol of taste and decadence and blinds an up-to-date style statement, the combination of the two creates a unique and eye catching solution for window dressing.

Cheap wooden blinds are also the perfect foil for the minimal look. Minimal is great but can sometimes look clinical and lack warmth without some natural elements. Not only will the natural wood soften a minimal look it will add some much needed texture and break up the snow storm of pure white.


Cleverly, they also work in reverse. By adding wooden blinds to a traditional setting, their clean modern lines will update the feel of the room whilst still fitting in due to their wooden make-up.


Bringing the outdoors into your home is a reoccurring amongst interior designers of late. Moving to America’s Rocky Mountains and leaving the back door ajar for passing grizzly bears is one way of doing this; a much safer and certainly more design conscious method is through wooden blinds. The real beauty of them I that they allow you to choose just what type of outdoor scene you want. A blonde wood will give a very Scandinavian feel to your home.


This alpine freshness is perfect for those wanting to keep rooms airy and light. Dark wood blinds on the other hand, bring all the mystery and charm of an English woodland scene whilst maintaining a modern look through the clean linear pattern of the blinds.


However the crisp, repeating pattern of the blinds is not there solely to look pretty, it actually serves a very functional purpose. The slat blinds can be angled an infinite number of ways which effectively gives you complete control over the amount of sunlight you want coming in through your windows. From full on sunlight to an indirect glow to a complete blackout, wooden blinds offer total freedom.


Sitting close the window in the recess of the sill, wooden blinds are completely ornament friendly as, unlike curtains, they don’t need to been drawn. The fact that they can be easily wiped down or pulled up to allow the window behind to be cleaned means wooden blinds are perfect for the modern lifestyle where we seldom have the time for anything more than a quick dash around the home with a cloth and a vacuum.


With wooden blinds there are no sacrifices to be made, they are both beautiful and practical, they require minimal upkeep and are both modern yet made of traditional a material. Like all blinds they are simple to hang and once up they are long lasting. Not only will they readily fit into any scheme, more often than not they will actually enhance it.

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