Modern Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms - Open Plan

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
Our living rooms are the place where we relax and entertain friends. Over the years interior designs change, adapting themselves to fit into lifestyles and the size of our homes. Typically one of the largest rooms in most homes our living room demonstrates to others our interior design style and preferred colours. Modern living rooms aren't necessarily generously sized but that doesn't mean that they're devoid of style – far from it, as the showcase for the rest of our home modern living rooms our living room or lounge should be user-friendly in every sense of the word. Open plan living also means that you need to keep continuity of colours which flow seamlessly from one area to the next – while also given each area it's own definition and purpose. Simple changes such as the type of flooring used in each area is an effective way to separate the two while the overall theme and colour schemes are balanced and working in harmony with each other. Window dressings are another way to give areas their own character, whether this be window blinds or curtains, subtle changes are all that's needed. Alternatively you can use the same window dressing for each area as a way of marrying the areas together. White is a predominant colour in modern homes. Not only does this neutral colour give you the opportunity to add accents it's also a great reflector of light, especially if you use paint with a satin finish, which will open up the space, making it feel light and airy. White is also ideal for setting the scheme and your preferred interior design style as it has the ability to match every other colour. In modern homes seating arrangements are typically focused around the television or a plasma screen for playing computer games. While you may be tempted to push your sofa and chairs against the walls to give you more open floor space if you're not careful this furniture layout can also make your living room clinical in appearance. Try bringing furniture away from the walls and set them at angles – you'll be surprised what a difference this can make. However, we mustn't forget that living rooms are for doing just what they 'living' – so go with your instincts and what is most suitable for the available space and the size of furniture you have. Today you don't have to have a bog-standard sofa and two chairs – go for two 2-seater sofas you'll have the same number of seat but they'll give you far more room physically and visually.

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