Modern Interior Design Ideas for Living Rooms – Be Square

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated
From sexy curves to sharp angles, this post is about being square. Not in the literal sense of the term as this interior design style oozes with confidence, showing that you're not afraid of trying something new in your home. Using squares gives you plenty of options so that you can adapt and build on ideas to suit the style of your home and your budget. With the vast majority of modern homes having a square shaped living room it seems logical to build upon this architectural feature. Square, sofas, chairs and seating arrangements are also easy to find with square designs; along with other living room furniture and furnishings. Colour blocking is one way to use squares to great effect. You can choose you colours to suit your home and your personality. Bright, bold colours or those which are chosen because they deliberately clash are perfect for modern homes and people with an out-going personality. If you're a little more demure and quiet then go for more muted colours. If you're shy and prefer to blend into the background using a monochromatic based colour scheme will give you a range of tones in your favourite colour. A focal point made to reinforce the theme will give the room direction and harmony. It's also a great way to bring in the use of different textures. The natural graining in wood compliments both colour choices and use of materials. Steel can be harsh, so adding touches of wood is ideal to help the eye to feel comfortable rather than jarred. Pile cushions onto your seating arrangement. This is another effective way of bringing pattern and texture into the room. Accessories don't all have to square in form, in fact having pieces with curves will help them stand out without being overpowering or too encroaching on the room's style. Help to ground your colour scheme and the theme of the room by using square or rectangular rugs. Opt for plain curtains to compliment your colour scheme, you could choose fabric which have an interwoven square pattern which is another way to bring a new dimension and further interest to the room. Being square is a fabulous way to give your living room a new look and shows that although you're 'square' you really have your finger on the pulse of the most trendy living room interior design styles.

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