Modern Bedroom Ideas 6: Cool and Classy

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

There are many people that when it comes to bedrooms prefer a more traditional and standard look. But if you have ideas that your bedroom should be a cool and classy atmosphere, then the contemporary style is perhaps one you should go for. There are many avenues for you to explore if you're looking for that chic and minimalistic theme to your bedroom. To get ideas and information you only have to go onto the Internet for a few minutes to discover that there are literally hundreds of websites that offer all types of interior design ideas and information of how to style your bedroom with a modern look.

You may think that looking at the photographs of some of the bedrooms that have been transformed into a sleek looking, clean looking and stylish looking room, that it has cost a lot of money. If you do a little research either online or through magazines, it may come as a surprise to you, but these super looking bedrooms have been done on a budget that is very affordable. You could say that a cool and classy modern looking bedroom takes its look from the modern pieces of furniture that are placed in the room.

Whilst this is somewhat true, a lot will depend on how you decorate the walls. You might decide to go for a metallic bedroom, this can be a very bold statement but at the same time be very beautiful. Choose a wall in your bedroom, preferably the one that runs behind your bed, and give it a coat of textured metallic paint, the effect is stunning. The colours that are in this paint are comprised of steel grey, but mixed in are muted earth and white. If you look closely you will see tiny flecks of black, and this kind of paint lend itself to having your other walls in the room painted white, this will create a balanced look and will also be quite dramatic.

When it come to accessories and if you have the theme mentioned above in place, then you will want to keep such items such as the bed and the bedside table in sleek black, as they will all complement each other. Opt for ready made curtains in a peacock blue to really take advantage of the metallic paint on the wall. It is however best to keep the bed cover and the pillows in white so that you don't cause a chaotic scene which has no real sense of harmony and cohesion. The type of flooring you have is also important and in a bedroom of this style, polished wood flooring really completes the scene and if you place a couple of thick shag pile rugs on it, or perhaps you might add a couple of cream rugs, you will have set the atmosphere for an exquisite cool and classy bedroom.

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