Inspired bedroom ideas: white-on-white

Sinless and spotless, white delivers the purest form of colour in decorating your bedroom for a world of fantasy. It takes a special room, that is architecturally driven, with a wall of plate glass windows, to capture a dream-like wonder. But if you have been plagued with how to best complement a world of nature, you won't be sorry when turning to white-on-white.

Majestic Curtains: Pulling the curtains shut in the evening should not completely shut out the space that you share with the outdoor splendour. Select ceiling to floor white curtains that are semi-sheer and never lock out the moonlight from seeping in. Pleated tops that create crisp, clean folds, will add a mystical dance of colour from the stars in the sky.

A Bed Drenched in Passion: Let white touch every part of your bed, from a high, sculptured headboard, to a box platform of white. Using proportion as a guide, carve out your own individual headboard and cover it in a soft, snow-white tweed. Use the same fabric on the platform. Tweed is a natural product that will add density and flow with the features of the outdoors. Plump white duvet covers will bring height to your bed and also appear to be floating, in tune with the clouds.

Minimise Accessories: When you have a picture perfect view of nature through windows, little decoration is needed. A couple of bedside tables of glass, a white side chair with frivolous feathered fabrics, and a small glass vase, filled with matching wild flowers from outside, will keep the picture of nature as the focal point. If you feel that a little more colour is needed, use small live plants or a Zen-type display of rocks and pebbles. A plain stone waterfall can also be placed in a corner to maximise your comfort.

Don't dress down the splendour of nature, but embrace it by detailing your bedroom in the purest form of colour, white. This type of bedroom is perfect for performing a daily ritual of meditation as it exudes peace and calm. Early mornings will seem quiet and pristine and perfect for preparation for the day. You will find that your senses will feel clean and refreshed, your mood cheery, and your dreams filled with sweet fantasy. What better way to start the day and you can look forward to entering your bedroom at the end of another day in the knowledge that it will be a tranquil place to de-stress and unwind.

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