Inspiration from morocco 1: kitchens

I couldn't wait to do a series on Moroccan décor in the New Year...I knew that I had to get the series out on 'new home trends' and the 'colours of the year' before anything else but I'm just very excited about this particular style for 2011. We spoke about Global style being a major trend for this year but I think that the inspiration coming out of Morocco is going to be huge and with lots of fun and modern twists with it.

The heavy jewel tones are likely to be dropped for either a lot of white and sugary pastels or a mixture of almost neon brights – in any case there will be a lot more room for experimentation, personal input and creativity. We have all seen the signs if we think about it – pouffes, brass tea trays, silver and copper teapots, hard-carved pieces, hexagons and arches, floor cushions and luxurious curtains.

  • As we spoke of in our introduction, there are many possibilities when it comes to decorating with Moroccan inspiration this year and our first kitchen is proof of this; it uses Moroccan elements with a natural and rustic setting. All colours are natural – light but warm with creams, terracotta, stone and ivory. First step to getting the Moroccan style is to use some terracotta tiles; this type of flooring is practical for the kitchen, decorative and doesn't scream Moroccan if you were just easing into the style or have a tendency to try out new trends as they come and go! If you prefer something warm under your feet a patterned kitchen rug wouldn't go a miss. Paint the walls in cream and if you have an arch, highlight it with some form of décor – maybe tiles or some fabric could be used in a creative way.

Other rustic features such as dark wood ceiling beams will enhance this kitchen look; furniture should be rustic too with a medium to dark wood – a chunky and less than perfect dining table and a natural granite for counter-tops. The good news is that they are terming the Moroccan trend this year as modern, which would give you the excuse for modern kitchen appliances (stainless steel) within your distinctively rustic setting.

Another beautiful touch would be a hand-crafted bench seat by the window, where simplicity reigns with cream pencil pleat curtains or kitchen blinds. You might want to buy some extra fabric if you make your own curtains and use it to create a curtain for the odd cabinet instead of doors – nice touch. Don't over accessorise but use pieces that you love – white or ivory pottery, plants and some typical Moroccan shapes for wall décor will work well.

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