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Our favourite blinds for bay windows

Bay windows, once a prominent feature of mansions of the early English Renaissance, have carried through their natural charm into modern architecture and design. They protrude away from the home, allowing plenty of natural light to stream in as well as creating a spacious effect. Bay windows will certainly make a stunning statement; however, special consideration is needed when choosing bay window blinds. After all, the last thing you’d want to do is pick a blind that conceals those picture-perfect views or minimises the beauty of these windows. We’ve put together our best picks so that you can dress your bay windows without spoiling their effect.

Top Tips for Bay Window Blinds

When choosing blinds for bay windows, it’s important to identify what type of bay window you have first:

  • Angled/Canted – made up of a flat front with angled sides, to create a half hexagon shape.
  • Bow – made up of curved glass.
  • Multifaceted – similar to an angled/canted bay window but made up of seven panes of glass instead of the usual three.
  • Triangular – made up of two pieces of glass fitted at 120 degrees which creates a sharper angular appearance.
  • Oriel – supported by a corbel/bracket and imitates the look of a tall, narrow enclosed porch.

Different styles of blinds will work better on some bay window types than others. Therefore, knowing which type you have will help you make the best choice when it comes to choosing blinds for bay windows.

Once you’ve determined the type of bay window you have, you’ll have to then think about how you use the room. For instance, is the bay window located somewhere where you require more privacy such as the bathroom or bedroom? If this is the case, you’ll want to look for blackout blinds and other styles able to shield you away from prying eyes. Alternatively, if your bay window looks towards the magnificent countryside or you want to brighten up a dark space, voile styles which allow light to filter in are best suited.

Don’t forget to also consider the style of your home interior. Bay window blinds are available in a wide range of designs from printed and pleated materials in vivid shades to soft silks in neutral hues. You can go for blinds that match your existing décor or create contrast by picking blinds in shades that catch the eye and demand attention.

We recommend opting for made to measure blinds as they’ll be custom fit to the exact measurements of your bay window. This will create a flawless and sophisticated finish.

The Best Blinds for Bay Windows

Once you’ve thought about how you use the room and what style you’re looking for, you can explore bay window blind ideas. Below are our favourite and best picks for bay window blinds if you want knock-out window treatments.

1. Roller Blinds for Bay Windows

If you don’t want blinds that are going to cover the whole window and instead, you’d like it to cover each pane of glass individually – roller blinds are the way forward. They’re an extremely versatile option as they work great on angled, multifaceted and box bay windows. You can set these types of blinds at different heights. This creates interest as well as blocking out the glare from the sun. Plus, with roller blinds you also have the choice of having blackout blinds for your bay windows, something you may want to consider if a little privacy is what you’re after.

Contemporary bay windows are designed to increase the natural light streaming into your home as well as provide exceptional views. Therefore, we recommend choosing lightweight and light coloured roller blinds, for instance the Primary blackout roller blind in sky blue. Trust us – it’ll emphasise the appearance of your bay window but still allow sunlight to gently filter into the room. Plus, bay window blinds in light shades will make your room look airier and more spacious.

Bay windows have a much greater surface area of glass in comparison to other windows. Therefore, there’s a chance that larger amounts of heat will escape. This is where roller blinds can help as they help to retain heat in your home during the chillier months whilst reflecting heat in the summer.

2. Vertical Blinds for Bay Windows

It’s without doubt that bay windows are a stunning feature of homes. However, as they contain three or more panes, this creates more opportunities for prying eyes to peer in. Vertical blinds for bay windows are a fantastic option if this is something you want to avoid. This is because the slats of these types of blinds can be tilted to stop people from peering in, without forfeiting the generous amount of light provided by bay windows. Vertical blinds look both beautiful and subtle, offering the ideal solution for a variety of window settings. Our Orly vertical blind in stone can help to make a statement and emphasise your existing décor.

Vertical blinds are a particularly great option for bay windows in the office or conservatory. They tend to provide greater light control in comparison to sheer fabric blinds. That’s why they’re ideal for rooms like the office, where you may want to stop the sun from causing a glare on your screen. If you’re looking for blinds for curved bay windows, vertical blinds are perfect as they can be bought with a bespoke-made curved headrail.

3. Roman Blinds for Bay Windows

If your bay window features angled pieces pf glass, we recommend Roman blinds. You can fit individual blinds to the various angled windowpanes. When it comes to colour – the choice is yours! You can go for Roman blinds in the same colour to create a unified look. Or you can choose alternating shades or patterns like the Verve Roman blind in berry red, if you want to create a statement look.

Roman blinds provide a more refined and sophisticated appearance in comparison to the sleek simplicity of roller blinds. As you open the blinds, the material gently drapes over itself to establish a textured look. This makes them the perfect solution for bay windows in more formal spaces like the living room and dining area.

4. Wooden Blinds for Bay Windows

Made from either aluminium, real wood or faux wood, Venetian blinds are the ideal choice for angular and multifaceted bay windows. Venetian blinds free up space on the windowsill and create depth for extra-large windows. They’re made of thick, resilient fabrics which makes them the perfect choice if light and privacy control are your top priorities.

Genuine wooden blinds provide a natural effect which helps to generate a boho-chic look whilst aluminium styles are ideal for modern décor. If you’re using Venetian blinds in rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom which can often get wet, we advise against using real wooden Venetian blinds. This is because they can warp over time in wet or humid environments. Instead, go for faux wood blinds if you still want a natural look, or alternatively, go for durable and water-resistant aluminium Venetian blinds. Regardless of which you choose – your bay window Venetian blinds will look nothing short of spectacular!

We hope our bay window ideas have inspired your search for the perfect blinds. Now, you’ll be better equipped in picking the right bay window blinds that still allow maximum levels of natural light, create a spacious effect and retain the beauty of these windows. Once you’ve found the right one, the next step is to sit back and enjoy the view.

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