Beautiful bedroom ideas 4: add a shine

Reflective surfaces are bang on-trend this year and it's not just on furniture and mirrors where you can find a reflective surface. For example polished metals, wallpapers and fabrics can also have a soft sheen. A good way of thinking about all the reflective surfaces in your home is to think of the places where dust settles the most! Somehow, dust is attracted to reflective surfaces as anyone with a glass table top will tell you!! In bedrooms you will undoubtedly have at least one mirror, you can add further reflective or shiny surfaces with your choice of furniture.

As you take a look at soft furnishings polished wooden floors or laminate floors can give a shine to a bedroom, although you may like to add large rugs to help your bedroom look homely as well as stylish – polished floorboards look can look chic, but they can also be somewhat reminiscent of olden days, when a floor without lino or rugs were considered to only be for the less fortunate who simply didn’t have the spare cash to invest in such luxuries.

Don't misunderstand stripped floorboards remain on-trend, however there is a fine line between those which have a professional finish and look and those which look less than perfect. We move swiftly onto beds and bedding. Your bed-frame can be metal which will give a refection, obviously the more polished the better the reflection will be. Luxury bedding made with soft sheen silk or satin (faux silk and satin is also an affordable option) can make your bed shimmer and shine beautifully.

Glass is another good source of reflectivity, not only mirrored glass but also accessories such as glass vases, chandeliers, glass bases for table lamps and art work. Curtains with an eyelet heading are hung from chrome curtain poles, both of which shine and reflect to a certain degree will also help to coordinate the room and style. So what are the top 5 advantages of adopting this interior design trend?

1. Stating the obvious, it's a 'must have' for those who embrace all things 'new' within the world of interior design.

2. Reflections and reflective surfaces can help to move light around a bedroom making it ideal for rooms which are a little dark and gloomy.

3. The style will also help to make small bedrooms appear larger.

4. Lots of different textures and materials will add depth to a bedroom and give it a sense of identity and purpose.

5. Adding a shine can be used in all styles of homes to create a stunning new look. As you can see there's lots of ways to make your home shine this year!

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