I've seen a cushion I like, but I'm not sure where to put it in my home

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We’ve all been there haven’t we, your browsing online or perhaps you walk past the window of a high street shop, a certain colour or pattern catches your eye and hey presto and you fall in love with that 'must have' cushion. You just can’t resist and on impulse you buy it then and there.

You get home with your new cushion, unwrap it and it’s only then that you realise that it doesn’t quite fit in anywhere. Don’t be too upset and don’t return it without taking a moment to see if you can fit it into your décor somewhere. After all if you like it so much you really should keep it. And worry not because you can make sure that your new cushion looks amazing wherever you put it just by following a few simple rules.

Shelved Cushions Sorted By Colour

Assessing your current cushion arrangements

Firstly take a good look at the cushion arrangement you already have. Look at what cushions you have and where. Look at sizes and shapes and don’t be afraid to move cushions around from place to place and room to room. Experiment with different cushion combinations on different seats and even beds and you will be surprised how you can mix and match to create various effects.

If your new cushion took your eye so much then there is a good chance that the colour and shape will match the colour scheme that you already have somewhere in your home, either in cushions or general décor. This is because we all have favourite colours and shapes that we tend to stick to on a subconscious level.

Blue, Checked And Grey Cushions On A Cream Sofa

Re-arranging cushion positions

However, if your new cushion is a total change for you then it might be a good idea to totally re-arrange the cushions that you already have to incorporate your new purchase. Or perhaps if it is a large cushion it might do well as a single stand alone cushion on a favourite arm chair or sofa, perhaps in a hall or porch so that it gives visitors a nice welcome feeling and offers a delightful place to sit and read or watch the world go by. If it is smaller or has a nice shape then add it to a selection of cushions that complement it. A general rule is to place large cushions at the back of a display so that the smaller, and perhaps more striking cushions, are made a feature of in the front.

Yellow And Grey Cushions On A Grey Sofa

Restyling your home

Failing that it might be an idea to re-vamp your whole décor using your new cushion as a centre piece and even invest in in some other new cushions to show it off to best advantage. Remember that this can be a very cost effective way to update your home, as cushions can give your room a whole new look at a fraction of the price of a room make over. And finally remember that if your cushion is just what you want then you will find the right place for it in your home albeit the living room, bedroom or any other room in your home.

Traditional Teddy Bear Next To Ball Fair Lights And Grey Festive Cushions

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