Can I get matching cushions in different sizes?

Terry Baskeyfield | Posted

You'll often find cushions in the same fabric of various sizes and often various shapes. Our easy to use product index can help you in the process. You'll find it on the left hand side of main categories, such as cushions. One easy way to find matching cushions is to select a specific colour of cushion. Not only will you see many that have similar colours, you'll also find some matching ones.

If that doesn't help you find matching cushions of varying sizes, click on the cushion of your choice and go to the actual cushion. Below the picture of the product you'll find pictures described as “Colour choices and matching products.” There you'll find cushions with the same patterns and colours that either have matching fabric, contrasting or complementary fabric.

Size Pink And White Cushions Neatly Stacked On A Bed

By complementary fabric, we mean it has design elements that provide a finished look, whether it's a solid pattern that draws on one of the colours in a print or a print that is identical or sometimes a negative image of the original, with light colours in the area where dark colours are on the original and visa versa. Contrasting fabric also adds interest highlighting a specific colour. You can select a solid colour and find a pattern that matches by simply going back to the easy to use index and check the pattern style you desire and the colour.

You'll find a variety of different designs with some of them being the perfect partner for the cushion you chose. In most cases, people prefer not to have matching cushions because it lacks interest and doesn't create eye candy. Using a wide variety of complementary or contrasting colours and sizes will add interest to your area. Using different textures of fabric creates tactile interest too and gives a new depth to your decorating style.

Try mixing and matching as many different ways as possible when using decorative cushions, keeping within a colour scheme and theme as you do. Not only will it add interest, you'll find you'll be able to use the pillows in other areas when you've changed the décor in the room. To answer is yes, quite often you can get matching or coordinating cushions in different sizes from Terrys Fabrics.

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