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How to attach curtain hooks

Knowing how to attach curtain hooks correctly is an important aspect of hanging curtains. Once you are ready to start hanging your curtains it is important you understand each step in detail in order to ensure your window dressing is of the highest quality. Curtain hooks are important in creating the perfect curtains for your window; their placement decides the length of your curtains and they need to be attached correctly to ensure your curtains hang right and have the strength to stay up.

1. Gather the curtains

Before attaching your curtain hooks you must first gather the curtains to your desired gather and check they fit the window properly. Then tie the strings to ensure they stay in place; it is advisable to tie in an adjustable knot so you can adjust the gather should you need to. Make sure you have the correct number of curtain hooks before beginning and follow the steps below to learn how to attach curtain hooks.

Woman measuring a window for new curtains

2. Decide on Desired Length

In most pencil pleat heading tapes there are three rows of pockets. The pocket you choose will decide the length of your curtains. There are many benefits to having these options in terms of length as it makes it fairly easy to adjust your curtains should you wish.

Curtain pin hooks attached to pencil pleat curtains

3. Place Hooks Every 4 Pockets

In general curtain hooks should be placed every 4 pockets or so to ensure the curtains are secure. In general, this can depend on how many hooks you have. Sometimes there aren’t enough hooks supplied with the curtains, so it is a good idea to pick up an extra pack of curtain hooks as you don’t want to risk running out.

4. Make Sure the Hooks are Evenly Spaced

Once you’ve attached the hooks make sure to double check they are evenly spaced as any uneven hooks could cause the curtains to hang unevenly. Once you are happy with the placement of the hooks it is time to attach them to the curtain pole.

A couple with the man holding a ladder and the woman at the top hanging curtains

5. Hang the Curtains

It is advisable to have a friend to help you with hanging the curtains as you will need someone to hold the ladder! You can pleat the curtains by pushing the fabric back in between the hooks and securing with loose fabric ties as this will set the pleats overnight; you can remove them the next day and the fabric should remember the pleats.

Now you can admire your own handy work!

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