What is taffeta? How to use it in your home

Following up from silk fabric, we take a look at; what is taffeta fabric? It is another women material which is smooth yet crisp to the touch and produced using either silk or synthetic fibres. The reason we must share taffeta with you is because it has become very popular of late and we think you deserve to know a little more about a potential buy. The word for this fabric originates from Persia and literally means 'twisted woven'. Like silk, this is a highly desirable fabric to be used in home decorating and is especially seen at the windows for a glamorous style.

History of Taffeta

We often get asked the question; what is taffeta? Historically taffeta was only made from silk - it wasn't until more recent history that man-made fibres were used for its production, notably nylon and rayon. What the past and present have in common though is the association with taffeta and luxury, high-end décor. Thought to have originated in Persia due to its given name, taffeta is documented in use as far back as medieval times. Asian giants China and India have a long-standing production of taffeta, as has Iran in the Middle-East. Before machines took over, this beautiful fabric was created on hand looms.

Taffeta for interior decorators

Taffeta is now widely available but you should take care of where you are sourcing it from and get a guarantee on quality. The weave is plain and very tight - this gives it the signature crispness and slight stiffness; you will quite often hear a rustling noise when you brush against it or move it around. You have the choice of a yarn or piece died fabric, the latter which tends to be more flexible and soft.

Despite being called a little stiff by nature, when you touch taffeta it has an incredible feel to it that just says luxury straight away - smooth, lustrous and with a glistening surface. You can buy plain taffeta curtain fabric or try the new wave of embroidered designs - when you know where to look, you can find exceptionally favourable prices.

Taffeta is often used for panels or curtains, but you can also buy bedding and curtain sets, cushion covers, lampshades, cushions and throws made from this posh looking textile.

Key looks with taffeta

Our key look with taffeta takes us to the bedroom - well who wants to share any way right?! Treat yourself to some pretty coloured taffeta fabric such as trendy coral for a feminine and stylish master bedroom. I'm already starting to feel like Marie Antoinette! Choose a colour palette of white, ivory, coral and a touch of mint green to keep it fresh.

An elegant four poster bed in dark wood will be the focal point to the room - you could take it one step further with another set of ivory taffeta panels to hang behind the bed-head. A large ivory or pale beige rug also works from underneath the bed and pure white bed linen keeps it simple - an accent pillow in mint green would work here. Antique metallic frames and mirrors can make a feature of one wall and do have a beautiful upholstered armchair/chaise lounge to sit/elegantly sprawl and look dreamily out of the window (cake and tea definitely a requirement!) - so much indulgence!

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