What style options are available with bedding?

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Anyone who has fitted out a bedroom from scratch knows how much choice there is within the heading 'bedding'. It is possible to create almost any look and to accessorise to whatever extent you want, be it cushion heaven or cushion hell. But let’s look at what the term bedding includes before we begin.

Sheets, blankets and quilted covers

To start with there are sheets, these are the basics of your bedding and can be fitted or flat. Sheets come in a bewildering array of colours and fabrics to suit any style you want to create. A fitted sheet has elasticated sides so that bed making is easier. Then blankets, which are not as popular as they were before the use of the continental quilted bed covers but can be a great addition to your bed. Coverlets, quilts, and bedspreads all come under the heading of 'quilted covers' and can be used separately or mixed together to create a stylish look.

Fresh Bed Linen

Throws, pillows and cushions

That gives you your basic bedding and then come throws, pillows and cushions. The list is almost endless but just as in all other décor of your home there are styles that can dictate the finished look of your room. Before you start think about what sort of look you want to go for, are you a plain and simple sort of person or a frills and flounce type?

Do you like lots of colour clashes or are you more comfortable with plain muted colours? Do you want a functional bedroom or a glamorous boudoir, some girlie glitz or some stately class? Once you have decided what look you feel happy with then it’s time to go into a bit more detail regarding the style you want and how to best create it.

Two Bed Pillows

Style choices for your bedding

Firstly let’s look at plain and simple where all you want is a bed that is comfortable and serviceable. Just because you don’t want glamour doesn’t mean you can’t have style, and it is possible to create a wonderful bedroom whilst steering well clear of frills. Plain does not have to be boring, look at complementary colours that blend well and pick bedding that is simple yet stylish.

If you don’t like too much fuss then go for plain fitted sheets and duvet sets with matching pillow cases. If you don’t like clutter then stay away from extra cushions or pillows and keep throws and blankets to a minimum. Even if you like things simple there is no rule that says you can’t have colour and a plain but striking look can be achieved by using vivid colours and large patterns. Even a plain room can benefit from a nicely draped throw or two.

Luxury Bedding And Cushions

Going classic with your bedding

A classic look can be achieved by using a bed skirt, that is the addition of a skirted sheet that usually sits between the mattress and the bed frame and holds a train of material that drapes down to the floor. Traditionally a bed skirt was to hide all the ‘untidiness’ that was caused by storing things under the bed and also to stop draughts from creeping up under you when you slept.

Bed skirts are often a forgotten accessory, but a good bed skirt can give a finished streamlined effect to your bed. Be it plain, pleated, frilled or rushed the bed skirt can finish off your look perfectly. If your look is more glamorous then go for silk sheets, pillow shams and draped throws. Layering your bedding is a good way to add texture to your bed and a variety of complimentary cushions piled artistically will add colour and glamour.

Grey And Cream Bedding, Duck Egg Blue Cushions

A more traditional look can be achieved with flowered duvets and quilted throws, perhaps a bolster, which is a long cushion to add a new and distinctive touch. A throw or bed runner draped across the bottom of the bed gives texture and is always handy if the nights turn cold.

Remember that bedding is a very personal thing and the look that you feel comfortable with is unique to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and texture, mix and match quilts, duvet covers and bedspreads to create new and exciting looks that give your bed and bedroom the style that you're trying to achieve.

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