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Dining Room

Add Quirky Details to Freshen Boring Dining Rooms

Dining rooms can be dull and boring, especially when they’re not used on a daily basis. The décor’s stale, out-dated and needs a kick start to beckon people back through the doors. Adding quirky details is a great way to freshen a boring dining room; these little quirks will entice the room to be used more frequently, they will also give the room its identity back.



House to Home

A wall that’s a map of the local town or city will give the look and feel of dining out at every meal time.



Room Envy

Add a quirky retro theme with statement wallpaper depicting vintage food packaging.



My Home Rocks

Dining rooms are great places to show off collections.



House to Home

Add a wall mural of a natural outdoor scene to evoke the feeling of summer picnics and relaxed al fresco dining.




Go bold with colour to add some oomph back into the room.



House to Home

Swap a traditional style dining table for something quirky like a swinging table and mismatched chairs.



Good House Keeping

Give your dining room chairs a colour burst with vibrant pattern fabric.



Interior Idea

Use metal outdoor furniture indoors.



Zuhairah Home Interior Design

Add statement lighting and a bold wallpaper.



All About You

Add a parquet top to your table along with mismatched plastic chairs for a unique quirky look.



Timeless Wrought Iron

Include a variety of unusual textures; leather and perspex, glass and velvet for example.




Add the fun factor to give a relaxed and informal vibe.



Dev Center Online

Do away with traditional chairs altogether; opt for benches or metal packing cases instead.



Marvel Building

Get a new table that has a quirky appeal.



House Looks

Go completely informal with a contemporary swinging table and chairs – the kids will love it, furthermore it will be a blast once the wine starts to flow!

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