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Yellow Bay Window Curtains

We stock a fantastic range of Yellow Bay Window Curtains. We offer fantastic discounted prices and all orders come with super fast delivery guaranteed!
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Yellow Bay Window Curtains Odelia Fully Lined Ready Made Curtains Ochre
save  49%
FROM ONLY £18.99
save 49%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Harrogate Ready Made Lined Curtains Multi
save  20%
FROM ONLY £19.99
save 20%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Rosemoor Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains Ochre
save  60%
FROM ONLY £19.99
save 60%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Paloma Ready Made Lined Curtains Ochre
save  24%
FROM ONLY £24.99
save 24%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Tay Ready Made Lined Curtains Chintz
save  17%
FROM ONLY £24.99
save 17%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Sycamore Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains Sage
save  10%
FROM ONLY £25.20
save 10%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Verona Crushed Velvet Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains Ochre
save  57%
FROM ONLY £29.99
save 57%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Damsay Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains Chartreuse
save  21%
FROM ONLY £33.99
save 21%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Phoenix Thermal Interlined Luxury Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Citron
save  43%
FROM ONLY £39.99
save 43%now
Yellow Bay Window Curtains Berrington Luxury Ready Made Fully Lined Curtains Ochre
save  56%
FROM ONLY £52.99
save 56%now
Viewing 1-10 of 10 products


Yellow bay window curtains can make your room feel more welcoming and cosier. Yellow increases a feeling of improved self-esteem. According to colour researchers, it improves the sense of well-being and may even improve health. Decorating with the colour of sunshine can increase the light in your room, but if you need it even brighter, consider using lighter weight fabric, such as voile curtains. Of course, for those who want privacy or even more thermal protection, we have heavy weight curtains too. You can use the tool to the left to find curtains fitting your needs, simply check the box next to the fabric weight you want and the site automatically updates to show you only those selections.

Whether you’re looking for a specific pattern to accent your motif, or simply want the elegance of plain or semi-plain curtains, we have what you want. If you can’t find exactly what you want in your category, try selecting another. Not all floral patterns are traditional or old-fashioned, some are quite modern and not every geometric pattern is modern or contemporary.

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