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Cream Geometric

We offer a wide selection of Geometric fabrics and you can also request a free sample of our fabrics to see the texture and quality before you buy
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Cream Geometric Onyx Curtain Fabric Linen
save  20%
FROM ONLY £11.99
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Cream Geometric Diamond Curtain Fabric Dove
save  19%
FROM ONLY £12.99
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Cream Geometric Mistral Curtain Fabric Ivory
save  25%
FROM ONLY £14.99
save 25%now
Cream Geometric Ellipse Curtain Fabric Ivory
save  33%
FROM ONLY £19.99
save 33%now
Cream Geometric Flavia Curtain Fabric Rouge
save  11%
FROM ONLY £30.99
save 11%now
Cream Geometric Flavia Curtain Fabric Teal
save  11%
FROM ONLY £30.99
save 11%now


Our cream geometric fabric will enhance almost any décor. While many people believe that a geometric pattern is to be strictly used for modern or contemporary décor, it’s not completely true. People have used geometric patterns for decorating for centuries. You’ll find stunning geometric ornamentation on temples and home-wares dating back as far as the earliest of civilisations. They’re decorative designs on Greek and Egyptian artefacts, as well as those of other ancient civilisations. Today, while many of the geometric patterns are suitable for modern or contemporary décor, others will fit traditional, period décor and even retro motifs.

Cream is far easier on the eyes than many white backgrounds. While white brings a sense of purity, it also can be too cold and harsh. Cream is the sophisticated, chic sister of white, having all the purity but with an added touch of warmth and cosiness without being twee. It brings out darker colours without the harshness of white and can even look quite earthy when teamed with the right colours, such as brown or coral.

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