The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

Trends and styles influenced from the film

The Film:

Eagerly awaited and set to influence fashion and interior trends in the coming months, is the release of the film remake of, The Great Gatsby. Australian director Baz Lurhmann's adaptation of the original F.Scott Fitzgerald novel, will open the Cannes Film Festival this year and will be screened in glorious 3D on the first night of the Festival's schedule on May 15th.

The Great Gatsby

The 1974 film version starred Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby and Mia Farrow as Daisy Buchanan, but was never acclaimed as a successful or accurate representation of the novel; something which Lurhmann hopes to change.

In his hands the production is set against a glitzy, flashy, period background and the adaptation is given a modern twist with an impressive and contemporary sound track which features music by the likes of Beyonce, Bryan Ferry, Jay Z and Florence and the Machine.

The Great Gatsby Movie

The Story

Set in New York City in the roaring 1920's, in an era of economic strength following World War I and during a time when parties were bigger, morals were looser, liquor was cheaper and stocks rocketed; Lurhmann's jazz age saga stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby, Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway.

The story follows Jay Gatsby's attempt to win back his lost love, Daisy Buchanan and the journey of wood-be writer Nick Carraway (who becomes Gatsby's confidant) as he leaves the Midwest and comes to New York in the spring of 1922.

Following his own American dream, Carraway lands in the States next to the mysterious, party-giving and high-living millionaire Jay Gatsby, across the bay from his cousin Daisy and her blue-blooded and philandering husband, Tom Buchanan (played by Joel Edgerton); where he finds himself drawn into the world of the super rich, their illusions, loose morals, loves and deceits.

The Styles of the Era

The prominent design style throughout the era was Art Deco. This was an influential design style which first appeared in France during the early 1920's and flourished internationally throughout the 30's and 40's until it waned post World War II. The style has seen numerous revivals and adaptations over the decades and is now set to see probably its most popular resurgence to date, with the release of this lavish period production.

Deco is a glamorous but eclectic style that combines tradition with technology. Traditional arts & crafts motifs were combined with machine age imagery, materials and production techniques. The style is characterized by bold geometric shapes, lavish ornamentation and rich colours such as black and gold.

The Great Gatsby

The predecessor of this style was Art Nouveau. The two are often confused, but nouveau was a style which favoured more organic motifs, asymmetry, softer lines and flourishes, which gave the designs movement; in contrast to the more rigid and symmetrical geometry of deco designs.

The Great Gatsby
An Art Nouveau style Interior An Art Nouveau Style Poster An Art Deco Interior An Art Deco Poster

Art Deco represented luxury, glamour, exuberance, and faith in social and technological advances. Historians refer to it as an assertively modern style that ran to symmetry rather than asymmetry, and to the rectilinear rather than the curvilinear. The design of this period responded to the demands of the machine, of new materials and the requirements of mass production.

As regards fashion, elegant drop waste flapper dresses were all the rage, accompanied by long pearl necklaces, cropped hair do's glamorised with Marcel Waving, skull cap hats and detailed hair bands.

Evening and wedding dresses were elegant and slim fitting to emphasise long lines and curves. This period of fashion was flattering, elegant and embellished.

The Great Gatsby
1920’S Flapper Dresses 1920’s Marcel Waving
Hair Style
Elegant and sophisticated 1920’s/30’s style wedding dressess

Influence on Current Trends

So what trends can we expect to see emerging from this period inspiration? We all know by now that fashion follows interiors and interiors follow fashion and season on season, designers have to find their inspiration from somewhere.

The release of this eagerly awaited film was set to inspire everything style wise from fashion and fabrics, to shimmer and sequin, Gatsby inspired, hen nights at Claridge's even.

The hype surrounding this new period piece when its production was first announced last year fascinated fashionistas everywhere and had fashion houses throwing twenties references around with giddy abandon as they prepared for the catwalks and catalogues of spring 2012. Couture designers and mass retailers alike were releasing collections featuring 1920's style signature details, such as fringes, drop waists and sequins, inspired by the elegant flapper dresses which epitomised the era, geometric fabric and wallpaper designs and art deco inspired jewellery.

The Great Gatsby

Some of the style influences that started to emerge last summer, from from dresses to bridal gowns, and lighting to jewellery. Even Katy Perry abandoned her extravagant and eccentric wardrobe of rainbow colours to don a slinky satin Nolan Miller gown, complete with the era's standard long pearl necklace, cropped do and detailed headband. (Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images)

However, the release was delayed, then delayed again and the Great Gatsby fashion wave lost a lot of its momentum. Some elements have survived the wait such as Art Deco jewellery, the chin-length bob and some interior styles details such as geometric motifs, clean lines and symmetry.

But! that the film is actually due for release and the eagerly awaited opening night is actually upon us, we could very well see renewed interest in Gatsby style glamour and influence (or at the very least an acknowledged nod in the direction of this elegant design period again).

The film is certainly crammed with unbridled inspiration as the lavish production features scenery, costumes and jewellery, all accurately empathising with the era. The glamour and fashion of the 1920's is portrayed in this visual treat (with killer sound track let's not forget) through gorgeous dresses designed by Miuccia Prada, envy inducing gents outfits by Brook Bros (original tailors to F.Scott Fitzgerald himself) stunning Jewellery by Tiffany's and accurately reproduced interiors and exteriors of the age; all of which can surely only help to inspire a 1920's design resurgence.

The Great Gatsby

Carey Mulligan (Daisy Buchanan) wearing Miuccia Prada's designs (in particular the chandelier dress) and some of Brook Bros outfits designed for DiCaprio and co-stars.

So we could still see 1920's style glamour take a starring role on our catwalks and in our interiors in the coming seasons. I personally think it would be a shame if we didn't. After all, with glittering, swinging, shift dresses, rhythmic jazz bands, glamorous supper clubs and an era of economic prosperity - what's not to like about the roaring 1920's?

So if you like 1920's style and glamour then read on for some inspirational images and affordable products to help you to get the look for less in your home.

Great Gatsby Style

To summarise what identified the era as regards style, it was glamour, glitz, wealth, diamonds, dinner jackets, flapper dresses, symmetrical geometry, clean lines, simplistic motifs and rich colours. It was an age of out and out opulence, decadence, luxury and high jinks.

Art Deco Style

Here's an example of a luxurious Art Deco Interior

So, as far as interiors go, how do you create this 'style' in your home in a way that nods authentically at the era but also fits in with an up to date home and a moderns lifestyle?

Aim for sumptuous with a touch of glamour with regards to soft furnishings. Consider beaded trims, fringes or tassels to echo those swishy flapper dresses, or look for wallpapers, prints and fabric with suitable motif designs. You don't have to be too accurate; you're not necessarily looking for a genuine 1920's reproduction, just something that pays homage to the linear, geometrical, clean lines of the 1920's iconic shapes and motifs.

Keep to simple, clean lines with minimal detail for furniture, particularly large pieces like sofas and add your theme with cushions, throws and accessories. This way, as trends and fashions change you are not left with the expensive task of changing your furniture to fit a new scheme.

As regards colours, black, white, silver and shades of yellow and gold are all good colours, which accurately represent the era. For ultra glitz and extra sumptuous glamour, throw in a splash of diamante or cut glass. You can achieve this with beaded or embroidered fabrics & scatter cushions or introduce some glass or mirrored accessories such as picture frames or crystal candle sticks. Maybe add a sparkling tiered chandelier - no Gatsby-esque room would be complete without one!

Above images are a style suggestion only

The stunning lifestyle shot above shows a brilliant example of how it can be done. The room has a very plain and neutral backdrop and a collection of carefully selected fabrics with relevant motif designs has been used to add colour, detail and style.

Note that the furniture, tables and lamp are quite modern, but because they are plain and simple, they suit the scheme and allow the theme to be added purely by the additional soft furnishings. A room like this could easily have a style change on a regular basis with little effort or expense.

Gatsby Glamour Style Curtains & Accessories

Deco Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Black

Deco ready made eyelet curtains are stylish and modern curtains that are fully lined and feature a contemporary silver eyelet heading. The dramatic colourway of these curtains create a classic art deco embroidered pattern in fantastic shades of silver and grey that are set on a cool black background.

Deco Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Cream

Create a modern design for your room by adding these brilliant Deco ready made eyelet curtains, which are fully lined and feature a contemporary silver eyelet heading.

Bellini Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Gold

Rich and elegant Bellini gold readymade curtains will add light and style to your window without overloading your room with loud patterns.

Bellini Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Silver

Mixing retro with modern Bellini readymade curtains are made up from a series of wavy patterns which give this curtain design a fun 60’s vibe which has been bought bang up to date with its contemporary eyelet heading.

Brooklyn Ready Made Eyelet Lined Curtains Silver

The Brooklyn Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Silver really will add the wow factor into your home. Featuring a retro all over pattern this stunning curtain would look best in a room with no other pattern to really make an impact on your your.

Dakota Lined Eyelet Ready Made Curtains Black

Dakota Black is the perfect style curtain if you want to add clean cut design and muted sophisticated colour to your home which will match with most other colours in the home and still make an impact at your window.

Midtown Eyelet Lined Curtains Black

You'll love luxurious drama the Midtown Eyelet Lined Curtains Black adds to any room in your home. These striking curtains feature an impressive white design silhouetting the powerful black background, making them even more impressive.

Dakota Lined Eyelet Ready Made Curtains Mink

Dakota Black is the perfect style curtain if you want to add clean cut design and muted sophisticated colour to your home which will match with most other colours in the home and still make an impact at your window.

Crompton Ready Made Lined Curtains Black

The Crompton Ready Made Lined Curtains Black ooze refined sophistication and style. These gorgeous curtains feature a traditional flowing floral design in mocha framed by a creamy border highlighted against the black backdrop. This striking design will instantly add a touch of elegance to any home.

Crompton Filled Cushion Black

The stunning Crompton Filled Cushion Black brings an air of opulence to your décor. It's dramatic, yet not ostentatious with a sense of sophistication and elegance that is difficult to find.

Crompton Ready Made Lined Curtains Natural

You'll love the subtle elegance of Crompton Ready Made Lined Curtains Natural. The soft creamy background plays host to a pale beige floral design giving these striking curtains an almost 3D effect. The repeat pattern wends its way up the weft of the fabric adding the illusion of additional height to windows.

Crompton Filled Cushion Natural

The subtle elegance of the Crompton Filled Cushion Natural will stir your senses with its tactile and visual addition to your décor. You'll love the almost embroidered brocade appearance and the attention to detail with the piped edges.

Campania Lined Eyelet Ready Made Curtains Black

Chic and very stylish Campania Black fully lined ready-made eyelet curtains offer excellent value for money. Campania Black is a contemporary faux silk curtain fabric with a flock print geometric design.

Campania Cushion Black

Anyone looking to pep up their home décor in a stylish and modern way will love the Campania Cushion in black. With a luxurious faux-silk feel and a subtle colour combination, this gorgeous cushion is sure to bring a touch of elegance to any room.

Brooklyn Ready Made Eyelet Lined Curtains Natural

A modern eyelet curtain for the modern home. The Brooklyn ready made curtain range has a contemporary style that will bring a touch of class to your living room.

Diverse Lined Ready Made Curtains Pewter

This stunning heavy weight contemporary jacquard design features chenille lines that crisscross over the lighter base of the fabric.

Newton Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Black

This is a luxurious faux silk embroidered ready made curtain set with a contemporary silver eyelet heading which will compliment any metal curtain pole.

Newton Filled Stripe Cushion Black

The Newton filled square cushion is simialr to the boudoir cushion in appearance with is dramatic black striped colourway and its fantastic detailing.

Gatsby Glamour Style Bedding & Cushions

Cristal Quilted Bedspread Champagne

If you are looking to bring haute couture glamour into your bedroom, then look no further than this stunning Cristal bedspread, which has been inspired by the catwalks of London, Milan, Paris and New York.

Valencia Embroidered Duvet Cover Black

Valencia is a stylish bedding set featuring a decorative floral and striped embroidered design. This charcoal duvet cover includes a central satin panel in dramatic black overlaid with an embroidered floral trail pattern in shades of grey with sequin detailing.

Newton Embroidered Duvet Cover Black

A luxurious and decorative embroidered duvet cover featuring a geometric black band insert with contrasting metallic gold and silver detailing.

Newton Embroidered Bed Runner Black

The Newton Embroidered Bed runner in its stylish black colourway is perfect for adding a dramatic look within a room.

Montecarlo Bedspread Champagne

Monte Carlo is a stunning high quality bedding design in satin featuring rouched detailing, producing a luxurious look.

Tiffany Comforter Set Cream

A stunning flock printed bedspread set, which has been constructed using a blend of the latest fashionable fabrics, including flocking, taffeta and faux silk to create a very traditional product with a distinctly contemporary feel.

Florentina Duvet Cover by Julian Charles Blue

You deserve to sleep in a comfortable, elegant room. When you wake up each morning and see beautiful surroundings, you wake up feeling your best and sets the pace for the rest of the day. There's no better way to add that luxury to your bedroom than the Florentina Duvet Cover Blue.

Sparkle Filled Cushion Black

There's always room for a little glamour in the home and the Black Sparkle filled cushions can add that to almost any décor. These dazzling sequinned covered cushions will make your home movie-star-ready or simply add appeal to a traditional look.

Colorado Filled Cushion Slate

The rich deep slate tones of the Colorado Filled Cushion Slate are stunning and dramatic, making it the perfect accessory to use as a focal point. Unlike most cushions that depend on colour or fabric to heighten your interest, this cushion uses dramatic bold likes quilted onto the cushion to create a striking and spectacular design.

Midtown Filled Cushion Black

With a modern geometric embroidered pattern the Midtown Filled Cushion Black will add chic style to a modern home with ease. The black base with cream embroidered detail is a cost effective way to add depth and dimension to your living space.

Newton Filled Embroidered Cushion Black

This Newton filled cushion has a cool black colourway for adding a stylish look to your interior.

Reno Cushion Chocolate/Blue

This decorative embroidered floral cushion will add a touch of glamour to a contemporary room interior.

Max Cushion Black

Dark and mysterious Max filled cushion Black has an integral geometric design in contrasting colour-ways. The chenille-style fabric is slightly raised giving this stunning filled cushion an virtual 3D effect.

Cortez Cushion Black

Cortez filled cushion Black has a contemporary geometric spot design. The design comprises of different coloured spheres, some solid blocks of colour and some outlined in jet black providing a very stylish spot pattern.

Urbis Cushion Black

Urbis is the Latin word for city and this vertical and horizontally striped intricate pattern is most certainly adds an up-scale down-town enhancement to any room. The geometric shapes created by the striped colours of black, gold and grey with crisp clean wheat lines cutting through makes Urbis filled cushion Black a wonderful addition to your décor.

Chicago Filled Cushion Black

Whilst black may not be the most uplifting of colours, when matched with brightly coloured pops, it can do wonders for a home’s décor. The Chicago Filled Cushion in Black is elegant and stylish in design, offering an unusual shape and intriguing patterning.

Gatsby Glamour Style Homewares

Dimple Photoframe 4" x 6" Silver

The raised spherical design of the Dimple Photoframe 4" x 6" Silver is reminiscent of an elegantly designed fine silver bracelet or choker necklace. While it looks extremely plush and luxuriant, you'll find the price is extremely affordable, making it a wonderful selection to hold photo portraits given as gifts.

Crescent Table Lamp Chrome

The Crescent Table Lamp would best compliment a contemporary home as it features a pair of chrome crescent bars which hold the lamps large plain shade.

Hylton Table Lamp Satin Chrome

The Hylton table lamp is super contemporary lighting piece which will create a great effect in your room.

Two Tier Rectangle Table Lamp White

This is the Two Tier Rectangle Table Lamp in white. This product has a polished chrome stick base with an ebony finish complete with a two-tier rectangular lamp shade in light and refreshing white.

Diamond Rain Photoframe Gun Metal

Elegance of colour and style make the Diamond Rain Photoframe Gun Metal a brilliant addition to almost any homes' décor. The rich tones of the deep grey gunmetal enhance the frame and bring a special opulence to the plush design.

Diamante Curve Photoframe Silver

If you want elegance and sophistication, the Diamante Curve Photoframe 4" x 6" Silver is the perfect choice. It's modern sleek design brings all the elements of style together with a bit of alluring glitter.

Diamond Photoframe 4" x 6" Pewter

Diamond Photoframe 4" x 6" Pewter has both beauty and versatility. It offers an antique look that can easily grace a traditional room or fit comfortably in a Victorian setting. You can create a modern elegance in a contemporary room as well.

Mosaic Flat Vase Silver

The astonishingly beautiful Mosaic Flat Vase Silver is one of many different accent pieces of the same design. You'll find amazing tea light and candle holders, a picture frame, plus a wide range of vases to suit every need in this same amazing mosaic design.

Mosaic Shaped Vase Silver

The Mosaic Shaped Vase Silver has more to offer than just a way to display flowers. It's a work of art in its own right and stunning whether filled or empty. There is no reason to hide it away once the flowers die. Instead, it can remain prominently on the shelf adding rich dazzling appeal to the room, awaiting the next bouquet.

Mosaic Tealight Holder Silver

If you love the addition of scented candles or simply the dancing glow of a lit candle after dark, the Mosaic Tealight Holder Silver is a perfect accent for you. This delightfully inexpensive tea light holder looks lavish and luxurious, but costs far less than you'd expect, making elegance affordable regardless of your budget.

Mosaic Tapered Vase Silver

You'll love the sleek elegant design of the Mosaic Tapered Vase Silver. Everyone has a favourite when it comes to a style of vase and each vase serves a different purpose.

Mosaic Photoframe 4" x 6" Silver

You'll love the Mosaic Photoframe 4 x 6 Silver as it shimmers adding light and sparkle to your favourite picture. You'll find this unique frame created of a multitude of silver glass tiles is a wonderful way to enhance a photo as it adds sparkle to your décor.

Gatsby Glamour Style Fabrics

Lalique Ultramarine

Voysey Topaz

Art Deceo Topaz

Twilight Topaz

Twilight Topaz

Art Deco Topaz

Lalique Topaz

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