Using geometric blinds to modernise your home

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The classical appeal of geometric patterns is given a new lease of life this year. Designers have taken these patterns and given them a modern facelift by use of on-trend colour combinations. Classical black and white chequerboard squares are given a modern look with dramatic colour changes, while hexagons of the 70s are brought into the 21st century with a hint of metallic colours used in combination with soft pastels.

Benefits of Using Geometric Blinds

Geometric patterns have been used to decorate interiors and windows for millennia; from the Ancient Egyptians, Aztec, Mayans to contemporary interiors, look closely in any home and you will find, by default or design, there will be geometric patterns.

Geometric Roman Blind

Geometric blinds have a certain flair, with the ability to compliment a range of different decorating styles, depending on which shapes and colour combinations you use. You don't need to include geometric patterns everywhere in a room, a few subtle touches via soft furnishings will create a modern look without being too overwhelming. In fact, a little goes a long way when it comes to using geometric patterns, too many and used too often and a room can become visually confusing and unpleasant to stay in for too long.

A Blast From the Past

Back to the future with geometric patterns that are full of vibrant, brash colours and you'll create a modern retro vibe in your home. Large geometric prints featured heavily in the 1970s, with circles and spirals from the 60s sitting next to floral geometrics, to create a room that was playful to the point of being mischievous for bucking the trends of the day. Art Deco was the era where straight angular lines were the design of the day. Furniture and soft furnishings had a form of symmetry and geometry about them. The era saw the resurgence of black and white chequerboard patterns for flooring, while geometric curtain fabrics had monochromatic colour-ways or were coordinated with shiny metallics. Geometric window blinds with metallic elements are an ideal choice for a modern home, embracing this year's trends of metallics and geometrics in one.

Geometric Roller Blind

This year the key to using geometrics to modernise your home is to use a statement piece, in this case geometric blinds, rather than try and replicate the entire look. Contemporary pixelated designs and graphics on blinds will add a fresh modern look which embraces the use of geometric patterns head-on.

Minimalism and Geometric Patterns

Minimalistic interior design style lends itself beautifully to the use of geometric patterns. This time rather than being strong and bold the patterns are more refined without losing definition. Semi-plain fabrics with geometric patterns woven into the fabric are perfect examples of how a window blind can modernise your home. A simple colour change will bring a new look to windows and a room.

Not forgetting that a minimalist Venetian blind creates its own geometric patterning with the identical sized elongated rectangular slats uniformly sitting on top of one another. As you can see there are plenty of options and ways you can use geometric blinds to modernise your home without having to carry out a complete makeover.

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