Room Guide - Part One

Interior Design Guide ROOM GUIDE - PART ONE
What room are you decorating?
Every room in your house services a different purpose - even if it's not the one it was intended for.

The following two part guide will help you consider these purposes and how to approach the design of specific rooms in your home before you begin.
This month PART ONE The Entrance Hall & Front Door

The Living Room The Dining Room The Kitchen
The Entrance Hall The Living Room The Dining Room The Kitchen
Even if your hallway amounts to a space the size of a large pocket handkerchief, entrances speak volumes as the threshold of your home.
Since it is the room in which the family will spend time together and visitors will be entertained, the living room calls for special attention in any home.
One of the few rituals still practised on a daily basis in households the world over, however formal or informal, is eating together.
Even in an era of supermarket ready meals and 'take-aways', the kitchen still remains one of the most functional rooms in our homes.
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The Bedroom The Bathroom Children's Rooms Home Office/Study
The characteristic that most of us associate with a bedroom is restfulness.
The bathroom has an immediate association with water as it is a room which is designed for washing and bathing.
Careful thought and consideration is needed when decorating a child's room. The variety and choice of styles is endless.
We live and work, today, in a world that is both 'hi-speed' and 'hi-tech'. The revolution in IT has brought the office into the home.
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