Room Guide - Dining Room

Interior Design Guide ROOM GUIDE - PART ONE
The Dining Room
One of the few rituals still practised on a daily basis in households the world over, however formal or informal, is eating together. Yours may be the kind of dining room that is only used on special occasions for entertaining only. Frequently in homes today though, the dining room is a 'multi-functional' space.
The 'multi-functional' role of today's dining room offers a challenge to the interior designer to create a setting that is both welcoming and versatile.
In a dining room the central grouping of chairs at a table at which people will come together to share meals creates an air of formality. That same table space, however, may need to double up as the kids' homework desk or the bench on which you spread out your sewing machine, a breakfast table where you serve six, or supper for two. The focal point of any dining room is the table. Oak, pine or mahogany remain the most popular choice but a variety of other mediums are available nowadays from glass to chrome and leather. Intricate wallpaper and curtain designs will work against your focal point so dining room walls are more often left best left plain than patterned. If you want something more adventurous than a plain background, consider using a striped paper or containing any pattern or detail to a single 'feature' wall. Colour accents can be introduced with table linen, place settings, accessories and ornaments. This offers the versatility that the 'multi-functional' dining room needs as you can easily ring the changes for different occasions. A bright vinyl coated tablecloth for the children's activities. Crisp white damask is hard to beat for formal dinner parties. Deep red, golds and black create a more dramatic, romantic ambience for a table setting, whilst florals, ginghams and paisleys are ideal for family means and informal lunches. Careful consideration to the lighting is again important. Subdued, gentle lighting for a dinner party - or even candlelight. Practical and adequate lighting to sew or read by are essential. So give some thought to a number of different lighting solutions in the room to be able to create the necessary effect for each relevant event.
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