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Track/Pole Width (cm) Fullness Required (Soft to Heavy)

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For this fabric you'll need () fabric drops to give () times fullness of your rail width.

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We want you to find the perfect fabric for your home, so we offer free samples of all our curtain materials for you to gauge against the colour scheme in your home.

While we do our best to represent the true colour of the fabrics in our images, we understand that the pictures that you see may vary in colour from one computer to the next. Simply click on the sample button to receive a sample of the material and you can have a look at the fabric up close, for yourself!

Remember that our free samples only give a taster of the curtain material. We do our best to cut samples that show the full pattern of the cloth but it is not always possible to show the entire pattern for materials with larger designs. Each sample we send out is simply intended as a guide, to help you choose the fabric that best suits the interior of your home.

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Title: Party Stripe Curtain Fabric Raspberry - Sku: CC/CF/PARTYSTRIPE/RASPBERRY

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