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Our style guides are a little bit different than our buying guides, in that they don't necessarily relate to a particular product. Instead they cover overall design and style advice, including weekly and seasonal on trend advice, interviews and career advice from expert interior designers and related professionals, guides to colour, budgeting and eco-design, and of course weekly blog updates. For more information take a look at one of these style guides below:

On trend

Here Adele will give you weekly updates about the latest interior design trends, and how to get the look within your own home. She takes a current theme and showcases the looking, giving you product suggestions on how to achieve the same design with your next home decor project...

Designer insights interviews

Our designer insights section enables us to profile prestigious designers and design enthusiasts, gaining a keen understanding of their creative process, their background and what they use for inspiration. They aim to profile not just interior designers but...

Interior design blog

Our blog covers the latest design advice, as well drawing inspiration from the latest events, media trends, TV shows and movies. We show you how you get a particular look within your home, based on a particular design style or craze. We also give practical advice for designing on a budget...

Interior design centre

Welcome to the world of Terry's home interior design ideas. Curtains and drapes are undergoing something of a renaissance today, with period styles from the past providing a rich source of inspiration. A window treatment can be one of the most eye catching and is therefore of the most important to get right...


Living with colour

Choosing the right colours is the single most important decision you will make when designing any room scheme, and getting it wrong can be a costly mistake. There are thousands of different colours to choose from, so choosing the right ones that will combine well and look stunning in your home can seem a daunting task...


The colour wheel

Understanding the Science between Colour-Combining. Using colour becomes much easier when you understand how different colours work together. To make sure that the colours that they want to use work together when they are designing a room, most professionals base their scheme on a colour wheel that is divided into cool and warm shades...


Designing your home

No two houses have ever been alike.  Even if they are the same size and shape and built out of the same materials, they cannot be the same for the simple reason that they cannot both share the same plot of land, and the setting of a house plays a major part in its character....


Decorating do's and don'ts

Every building has its own character. When you buy a new property or take a step back from your current one and consider changing it, you give yourself the opportunity to develop that character in a way that will suit your own requirements...


Assessing windows

Use our expert guide to assessing windows and get your window treatment right every time. Take few minutes to assess the type of windows you have in your home before you make any decision on how to dress them and you'll be achieving designer style results in no time.


Our room guide

Every room in your house services a different purpose - even if it's not the one it was intended for. The following two part guide will help you consider these purposes and how to approach the design of specific rooms in your home before you begin...


Entrance hall design suggestions

Even if your hallway amounts to a space the size of a large pocket handkerchief, entrances speak volumes - and because they have the first say, at the threshold to your home, it is worth taking them seriously. Your entrance hall gives you your first opportunity to...


Living room design suggestions

Since it is the room in which the family will spend time together and visitors will be entertained, the living room calls for special attention in any home. At their best living rooms are warm, inviting and so comfortable that you find it difficult to leave them...

Dining room design suggestions

One of the few rituals still practised on a daily basis in households the world over, however formal or informal, is eating together. Yours may be the kind of dining room that is only used on special occasions for...

Kitchen design suggestions

Even in an era of supermarket ready meals and 'take-aways', the kitchen still remains one of the most functional rooms in our homes. It can also be one of the most magnetic. How many times have you prepared the whole house for a party, only to find that your guests still end up in the kitchen? Who wouldn't be drawn by the smell of

Bedroom design suggestions

The characteristic that most of us associate with a bedroom is restfulness. There are few experiences more pleasurable than falling asleep, or waking up in a comfortable beautifully decorated bedroom. It is a luxury which can be encountered daily by anyone who takes the trouble to...

Bathroom design suggestions

The bathroom has an immediate association with water as it is a room which is essentially designed for washing and bathing. Whether it is because we spend only short periods of time in them, or because the act of bathing relaxes our senses, we tend to bring a more dramatic sense of...

Children's room design suggestions

For many centuries, children were considered as nothing more than ‘small adults’. Making ‘scaled-down’ furniture such as cots, chairs and desks was as far as the notion of a particular decorative style for children’s rooms, (or even their clothes), ever went. The Victorian period saw the beginning of...

Home office design suggestions

We live and work, today, in a world that is both ‘Hi-Speed’ and ‘Hi-Tech’. The revolution in information technology that we have experienced since the post war era has seen a major shift from an industrialised world to one that is dominated more and more by information technology...

Glossary of terms

If you're lost in the jargon and don't know what specific terms means then we've also created a brief glossary of useful terms. This will help you to tell the difference between a la duchesse and arabesque, and all the other specific design related terms we may use from time to time. Hopefully this list of words, along with handy definitions should prove useful...

Style and design infographics

These infographics are where we have a little fun, and cover the lighter side of interior design. We take a fun topic and make it visually interesting and appealing using fun graphics. Some topics are seasonal such as a a fun Halloween guide on how to scare your kids, while others illustrate craft techniques, such as stitching and sewing techniques.

Creative trends interviews

Creative Trends allows the online community of interior designs, crafters, DIY bloggers and just creative readers to share all of their recent projects and designs. Through this feature they inspire readers; through their observation and perception of current design trends. In particular...


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