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White Blackout Roller Blinds

See our range of great ready made Roller Blinds, with up to 50% off the recommended retail price.
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Plain Blackout Roller Blind Snow White
save  33%
FROM £11.99
save 33%now
Virginia Ready Made Blackout Roller Blind Black and White
save  27%
FROM £15.99
save 27%now
Alphabet Blackout Roller Blind White
save  10%
FROM £17.59
save 10%now


Our white blackout roller blinds will dazzle you, particularly if you haven’t seen roller blinds or blackout blinds in a while. They’re nothing like the blackout blinds found in the old school auditoriums or the roller blinds used in the bathroom or kitchen of yesteryear. These are stunning blinds in a variety of different patterns. You’ll find all types of designs, from geometric to floral designs. You’ll also find stripes, spots and pictorial blinds. These are stunning accents for any décor.

The blackout quality will amaze you and can help you get a good rest, particularly if you must sleep during the day or have annoying street or business lights glaring through your window. These blinds are particularly good for children’s rooms, to aid toddlers in sleeping during the afternoon nap. They also provide thermal protection to keep the cold winds of winter at bay and block the searing heat from the sun in the summer. These blinds don’t require you to take them down to wash or dry clean as curtains do and don’t collect dust on every slat as Venetian blinds do. When you roll them up, there’s only a small, easy to clean, surface exposed to dust.

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