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Teal Striped Curtains

We stock a fantastic range of Teal striped curtains. We offer fantastic discounted prices and all orders come with super fast delivery guaranteed!
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Teal Striped Curtains Melrose Stripe Readymade Eyelet Lined Curtains Duck Egg
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Teal Striped Curtains Harvard Eyelet Ready Made Curtain Duckegg
save  23%
FROM ONLY £22.99
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Teal Striped Curtains Whitworth Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Duckegg
save  48%
FROM ONLY £25.99
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Our cheap Teal striped curtains fit easily into most décors. The striped pattern is so versatile; it defies you to put in any particular décor. Stripes are just as at home in traditional rooms as they are in the most modern décor or relaxed cottage or country motif. Stripes can help give the illusion of height or width, based on the pattern direction. To make a room look bigger, use a horizontal stripe. However, if you have low ceilings and want an illusion of height, go with vertical stripes and hang the curtains close to the ceiling.

The colour Teal is a wonderful blend between blue and yellow, with the attributes of both colours, based on the mix. If you have more yellow, the colour is almost green, with a hint of blue shades. However, if you put just a bit of yellow, it’s a luscious blue with a bit of warmth. It goes with many different colours, based on the blend. While some of the striped curtains use neutral shades with Teal, others use a variety of complementary colours and can help you select other accessories that fit perfectly with your pallet.

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