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Brown Spotted

We offer a wide selection of Spotted fabrics and you can also request a free sample of our fabrics to see the texture and quality before you buy
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Brown Spotted Pip curtain Fabric Paprika
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Brown Spotted Atom Curtain Fabric Mink
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Our brown spotted fabric can bring a playful sophistication to your room. People often consider brown as a colour of dependability and practicality, even though it’s also associated with comfort and opulence. While you’ll still maintain the rich qualities of brown and the lavish feel, the addition of spots can make it more playful.

The size of the spots, the uniformity and their arrangement dictate the décor the fabric best accents. Large spots of one or several colours, randomly scattered on a solid brown background is a stunning design suitable for both modern or contemporary décors. Small subtle, regularly spaced spots of the same colour can be more elegant and sophisticated, making this type of spotted design perfect for a traditional décor.

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