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Sheer Elegance Roller Blinds

See our range of great ready made roller blinds, with up to 20% off the recommended retail price.
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Blind Safety Device White
save  9%
FROM £1.59
save 9%now
Blind Safety Cord Lock Away Wand White
save  25%
FROM £5.99
save 25%now
Swish Sheer Elegance 160cm Drop Blind Arctic
save  20%
FROM £40.79
save 20%now
Swish Sheer Elegance 160cm Drop Blind Twilight
save  20%
FROM £40.79
save 20%now


Do you love the idea of Venetian blinds but appreciate the ease of using roller blinds? If so, sheer roller blinds provide a combination that you are sure to love. This is a new type of window covering that allows you to allow the sun into the room with a sheer effect that allows some sun to filter into the room. When in use, you'll find that these sheer roller blinds look a bit like Venetian blinds from a distance. However, a closer look will make you realise that they are actually roller blinds that have sheer areas that allow the sun in. You can control how much light you let in with the special controls available on a beaded chain.

Sheer roller blinds look beautiful and unique in any room. They also give you the convenience of allowing some sunlight to filter into the room without having to fully raise the blinds to achieve this. They are versatile, stylish, and can be purchased in a variety of superb colours to suit your décor and style of home.

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