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Floral Red Duvet Covers

Give your bedroom a makeover with our stunning range of Duvet Covers and bed linen, available in a wide choice of designs and colour schemes to match your room
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Floral Red Duvet Covers Darcy Bedding Red
save  54%
FROM ONLY £10.99
save 54%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Gabriella bedding Set Red
save  57%
FROM ONLY £12.99
save 57%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Oriental Printed Patchwork Duvet Cover Multi
save  12%
FROM ONLY £14.99
save 12%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Celestine Bedding Blush
save  43%
FROM ONLY £16.99
save 43%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Milly Duvet Set Red
save  29%
FROM ONLY £19.99
save 29%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Sakura Bedding Cranberry
save  43%
FROM ONLY £23.90
save 43%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Bloom Duvet Cover Blush
save  30%
FROM ONLY £26.50
save 30%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Cordelia Bedding Ruby
save  39%
FROM ONLY £26.50
save 39%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Sapporo Bedding Raspberry
save  41%
FROM ONLY £28.50
save 41%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Montague Bedding Red
save  40%
FROM ONLY £31.67
save 40%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Tulipa Bedding Soft Red
save  15%
FROM ONLY £33.99
save 15%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Kirstie Allsopp Gingham Roses Luxury Bedding Rose
save  10%
FROM ONLY £45.00
save 10%now
Floral Red Duvet Covers Emma Bridgewater Striped Rose Bedding Set Multi
save  10%
FROM ONLY £54.00
save 10%now
Viewing 1-13 of 13 products


You can get a bold new look with our floral & red duvet covers. Red adds warmth to a room and can energise it. People often add it to a room in small amounts in Feng Shui to increase luck. Red is the colour of passion in the western world, but in many of the eastern cultures it’s the colour of purity and often used for wedding gowns. Adding just a touch of red, such as in a floral print, can renew the energy in the room and make it cosy, warm and inviting. The colour red you use also makes a difference in the feeling it brings to the décor. Brighter shades of red add more energy, while deeper ones, such as wine or Tuscan red bring warmth and a feeling of security.

We have many different designs from which to select. You’ll find romantic floral patterns suitable for a traditional or period décor. You’ll also find ones that are modern and create a stunning focal point for the room, without overwhelming the rest of the décor. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, we carry the perfect duvet cover to accomplish your mission.

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