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Purple Spotted

We offer a wide selection of Spotted fabrics and you can also request a free sample of our fabrics to see the texture and quality before you buy
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Purple Spotted Dotty Curtain Fabric Mauve
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Purple Spotted Pip curtain Fabric Lavender
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The purple spotted fabric can be fun and playful, or stunningly elegant and sophisticated, depending on several factors. The uniformity, spacing and size of the spots, as well as the tonal colours used, determine the formality of the design and the feeling it brings to the décor. Small uniform spots often are a demure accent looking elegant in formal decorating styles, while those of varying sizes and colours are more playful. Spots can be an accent for a modern or contemporary room, particularly when larger and in bold purple tones.

Our selection of spotted fabric includes all shades of purple. Purple is a combination of red and blue. It brings qualities of both colours. While blue is calming, it’s also a cold colour and can give a feeling of aloofness. On the other hand red warms the colour tones, making the colour purple relaxing and yet warm and inviting. It’s no wonder purple has become so popular in home decor. The paler shades of purple, such as lavender, evoke a relaxed joyfulness, while the deeper shades such as aubergine or plum are more majestic and formal.

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