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Purple Floral Roller Blinds

See our range of great ready made Roller Blinds, with up to 50% off the recommended retail price.
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Lily Ready Made Blackout Roller Blind Purple
save  27%
FROM £15.99
save 27%now
Spring Bloom Blackout Roller Blind Mulberry
save  10%
FROM £17.59
save 10%now
Flourish Roller Blind Mulberry
save 51%
FROM £29.17
Rose Trellis Blackout Roller Blind Iris
save 50%
FROM £37.36


Our purple floral roller blinds can add a sense of elegance to your home. Purple is often associated with royalty and can bring a majestic look into your surroundings. Many cultures believe that purple brings you closer to your essence and can help people be more compassionate and understanding. There’s no doubt that purple is popular, and with good reason. This sumptuous colour comes in so many different shades, tones and hues. It’s a mix of red and blue, so depending on which one is prominent, it is either cool or lukewarm. Purple goes with so many different colours, but looks best with deep brown, forest green, gold and yellow, which makes a purple floral pattern the perfect match.

We carry all shades of purple from the palest lilac to the dramatic aubergine. We also have a wide selection of floral patterns that go elegantly with a variety of decors. Many people often think of a traditional or cottage motif when they consider floral patterns. However, that’s not always true. Abstract floral patterns can complement modern or contemporary décor. Period décor, such as Victorian or Queen Anne also use floral patterns to enhance the décor.

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