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Purple Check Curtains

We stock a fantastic range of purple check curtains. We offer fantastic discounted prices and all orders come with super fast delivery guaranteed!
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Purple Check Curtains Balmoral Check Ready Made Eyelet Lined Curtains Plum
save  42%
FROM ONLY £18.99
save 42%now
Purple Check Curtains Belvedere Ready Made Eyelet Curtains Plum
save  46%
FROM ONLY £34.99
save 46%now
Purple Check Curtains Chequers Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains Mulberry
save  51%
FROM ONLY £72.99
save 51%now


You’ll probably find your favourite shade in our collection of purple check curtains. Purple is such a unique colour, bringing with it the power and boldness of red, with the calming, sedate feeling of blue. Each shade brings with it a different energy level based on the amount of blue or red it contains. The white added to it also affects the colour. It’s far gentler in lighter shades, bringing softness to the area and opening the room with the additional coolness white provides. Most people wouldn’t use a bold colour, such as aubergine, in a baby’s room, but opt instead for the more comforting lighter counterpart, such as lavender.

Our collection of checked patterns includes a variety of different motifs and colour combinations. You’ll find everything from stunning plaids to subtle hounds-tooth designs. You’ll even find the gingham so often associated with happy memories of the past and country or cottage kitchens. While many people don’t think of check patterns immediately when decorating in a modern or contemporary motif, consider the asymmetrical chequered patters, such as the swirling checks found in the psychedelic 70s designs.

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