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Orange Striped Curtains

We stock a fantastic range of orange striped curtains. We offer fantastic discounted prices and all orders come with super fast delivery guaranteed!
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Orange Striped Curtains Melrose Stripe Readymade Eyelet Lined Curtains Spice
save  42%
FROM ONLY £18.99
save 42%now
Orange Striped Curtains Beechwood Ready Made Curtains Terracotta
save  22%
FROM ONLY £34.99
save 22%now
Orange Striped Curtains Richmond Ready Made Lined Eyelet Curtains Orange
save  14%
FROM ONLY £53.99
save 14%now


You'll love our collection of orange striped curtains to bring a touch of colour and warmth into your home. Orange is an adaptable colour; the brighter tones of orange and tangerine are perfect for giving an injection of colour into a room to up-lift the décor. The calmer terracotta shades emit a natural warmth which works wonderfully well with earthy tones of brown, olive greens and Mediterranean blues. The mellow shades are the perfect colour choice for Vintage decorating motif.

Stripes never go out of fashion; they've stood the test of time within the world of interior design. Vertical stripes are ideal if you want to make your windows appear taller, horizontal ones will make widows appear wider. Our collection includes a fabulous range of striped designs to suit many different decorating motifs. The bolder tones are a great choice for children's room and will make an invigorating burst of colour to kitchens and dining rooms.

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