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Orange Rugs

Add a focal point to your room with our range of rugs, in both plain and patterned and come in various shapes and sizes designed in both traditional and modern styles
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Verona OC15 Rug Beige Terracotta
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Polar PL95 Rug Terracotta
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Vista 2236 Rug Orange
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While many people do not immediately think of the colour orange when decorating their home, there are a variety of orange shades that actually have a lovely appeal when you are choosing rugs for your home. Orange rugs come in a variety of exciting shades, from rust, to peach, and even terracotta.

Merging together the happiness of the colour yellow with the energy that the colour red provides, orange is a happy and energetic colour that can add sunshine, joy, and creativity to any room in your home. If you are decorating a space that you want to be friendly and soothing, go with orange rugs in softer shades. Brighter orange shades are often very attractive to younger people and children, which makes it a great choice for teens and kid's rooms.

Orange rugs are also perfect in rooms where you are working to bring together several colours and decorating styles. Choose from our huge selection of orange rugs, with geometric shapes, lovely florals, modern designs, and elegant patterns from our comprehensive orange rugs collections.

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